MsCommunications 2by Myra Kendrix


Gwen Mongan is a thirty-three-year-old Marketing Communications executive in an innovative startup bent on saving the world from global warming. Besides her exciting career and dream home, former social worker Gwen’s life is full with great friends, community service, and a passion for matchmaking. The only problem is her boss: the impossibly demanding and maddeningly charismatic hi-tech superstar, Jake Folton.

When Jake goes too far, Gwen thinks it’s time to look for a new job. But Gwen soon discovers it’s going to take more spunk and ingenuity than she knew she possessed to get away from a guy who doesn’t take no for an answer. In fact, it’s going to turn her tidy existence upside-down.

Can a racehorse named Purple Lemonade, a deadly Funnel-Web Spider, and a dubious Bachelor-of-the-Year contest finally show Gwen that some people are not what they seem and some risks are worth taking?

“Just make sure you have nothing else to do when you start reading this book – because you won’t be able to put it down. Myra Kendrix has created an AMAZING first time novel, and I can’t wait to devour any of the sequels that she produces.”

“It’s sassy, fun and has all the deliciousness you expect from good romance.”

“This book was absolutely adorable!”

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CIR: If you could create the perfectly specific genre title for this book/series, what would it be?
KENDRIX: I call it “Chick lit for smart chicks.” I’m drawn to those pastel-colored chick lit covers but often the heroines are so unintelligent, superficial, emotionally defended and lacking in self-esteem that I find it hard to like them. The heroine of Ms. Communications, Gwen, is a smart, accomplished, self-aware woman who is also funny, caring and intuitive. She’s far from perfect, but she is certainly someone that I would respect and want to be friends with. If you relate, then you’ll love her story.

CIR: What did you learn about your characters while writing this book?
KENDRIX: The hero started off like a typical macho love interest – tall, handsome and rich, as well as arrogant and not a particularly nice human being. I’ve worked with people like that and they make me crazy. But as I got to know Jake, I was surprised by who he really is, and, like Gwen, I came to respect him in spite of his weaknesses. Most of us know that once you scratch the surface of machoism, you usually find something quite different.

CIR: Did this book require any research, and what kind?
KENDRIX: For sure. The story is set against the backdrop of the hi-tech startup world. As a marketer and entrepreneur myself, I have some familiarity with that universe but I had to do research to understand the specifics of a small startup like the one featured. I cornered a successful tech investor at a Hannukah party last year and grilled him for exact details of what he looks for in a startup pitch. Business and marketing excite me very much, and that passion comes through the voices of the characters.
I did make some factual errors that my editors helped me correct. For example, I wrote that first-class airline passengers board last, where apparently they board first. I can’t say I have much personal experience with flying first class!

CIR: What themes do develop?
KENDRIX: This book explores risks, especially taking risks to get something (or someone) you really want. The hero and heroine, Jake and Gwen, have very different attitudes to taking risks and this repeatedly brings them into delicious conflict. If you have ever hesitated to take the plunge because you were afraid of failure, this story will speak to you.

CIR: Is there more coming?
KENDRIX: Absolutely. This is Book 1 in the Smart Ms. Series. Book 2 features another smart and spunky chick lit heroine, as well as characters from Ms. Communications. The working title is Ms. Representation.

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