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snail manby Victoria Benchley


The choice between a stalker and the ideal man should be easy for Kathryn, if she can tell them apart.  Kathryn has just been stood up for a blind date with the man of her dreams.  Will she retreat to the world of grief and loneliness she usually inhabits, or pair up with the mysterious Art who reminds her so much of her deceased husband?  

“This is not your average ‘boy meets girl’ story.”

“There were twists and turns around every corner.”

“A great thriller from beginning to end.”


CIR: What inspired this book?

BENCHLEY: My imagination inspired The Snail Man. Have you ever come home late to find the porch light is out? That happened to me, and for some reason the idea came into my head of a man crouching behind shrubs. The man had been there so long, snails clung to his face. From that one creepy thought, the book was born.

CIR: What is your writing process like?

BENCHLEY: My process begins with an impression or a scene from my imagination. It’s always something I can see very clearly in my mind. From there, I develop a story surrounding that scene. Once I actually begin to write, I’m never quite sure where the characters will take me. For example, I actually wrote two endings for The Snail Man. The first was the ending I had planned. Then, the characters took me in a different direction and I wrote the ending found in the book.

CIR: What messages do you hope the reader will get out of this book?

BENCHLEY: I hope people will realize that things are not always as they seem and that redemption is available to everyone.

CIR: What is the main character like?

BENCHLEY: Kathryn is a young, attractive widow. Hints of her character are found throughout the book, but the reader will have to search for them. Stagnated in grief since her husband died unexpectedly a few years ago, the book opens with Kathryn attempting a blind date. Since she married her husband early in life, Kathryn is relatively inexperienced when it comes to dating and relationships.

CIR: Is there any content some readers might find questionable despite the overall “clean” feel of the book?

BENCHLEY: While The Snail Man is a clean read, two cuss words appear in the book. One is near the beginning, and its use is essential to revealing a character’s personality. The other is near the end, and also needed to portray the truth about a character. Another theme some may be uncomfortable with is the main character’s contact with a group of people with unique ideas regarding the human soul. I feel the book debunks these ideas, and hopefully readers will not be offended by this.