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by Debbie Brown


She’s just a divorce lawyer, so how’d she end up 2000 miles from home, dodging bullets and running for her life with a park ranger?

When NY divorce lawyer, Sarah Lindquist, stepped out of her office to clear her mind before her next client showed up, the last thing she expected was to come to in the middle of the Colorado Rockies, with two park rangers standing over her. The ex-military rangers are convinced someone wants her out of the way, but how to find out who, without putting her life at risk and letting that ‘someone’ know they’ve missed the target?

“It has well planned events, cunningly incorporated through protagonists’ lives. The enemy, the secret, the mystery.”

“When I read about Sarah waking up in the middle of nowhere out in the Colorado Rockies, I felt like it was happening to me. From that point on, the book was a page turner and having to put it down to tend to “real life” was anything but easy.”

Snow Job includes suspense, mystery and romance, so it has something for just about everyone. Sarah is a likable character and I found myself anxious to find out who was trying to kill her and why. The author’s writing is light and breezy, which made me read through this book quickly.”


CIR: What inspired this book?
BROWN: If I say avoidance, does that count? Let me explain…I had just published the 2nd book in the Amethyst Eyes trilogy, and needed to step back and focus on something different before diving into book three…so this scene pops into my mind, of a woman sitting on the ground in the middle of the forest with two park rangers hovering over her, asking if she was all right. And that is how it all started. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

CIR: What makes this holiday book a unique must-read for the season?
BROWN: I don’t focus on the upcoming holidays, but the onset of snow situates you in time. The action, adventure, and always wondering what’s going to happen next while the characters grow to overcome limitations and trust one another make it a hard to put down read, (this is according to general feedback so far).
CIR: Tell us about your favorite character in the book.
BROWN: That would have to be Jim. I want one. He is an ex-army medic turned park ranger, who has found his niche by surrounding himself with animals and nature rather than with people. Until Sarah shows up, that is. Though not much of a talker, you still get the impression that he has a good sense of humor. He tends to think things out and analyze things a lot, not making rash decisions.

CIR: Can you share with us a fun holiday memory from your life?
BROWN: Spending Christmas in La Macaza with my paternal Russian grandmother will always be my fondest memory of the holiday. She would go up into the mountain to chop down a tree, and we kids would spend hours making decorations to hang on it. She over-decorated her home with tinsel and garland crisscrossing from one corner of the ceiling to the next. But I loved it! She would cook and bake all of our traditional foods, telling stories about her children growing up and getting into mischief. There was always a fire going in the massive stone hearth, and the smell of the birch logs burning will always be my favorite. Jack Frost would paint intricate patterns on all the windows, the minute our attention was elsewhere. The lake was right in front of the house, so skating and ski-doing was something I looked forward to, along with sledding down the mountain. Sometimes, I’d walk up the mountain for over half an hour before sliding down. But the best part was falling asleep in her arms, the house full of family and laughter, a belly full of food and a feeling of utter joy in my heart. I miss you Grandma.

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