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changesby Sally Ember Ed.D.


Volume 1: This Changes Everything


Clara Branon, 58, becomes the Chief Communicator between Earth and the Many Worlds Collective after having five holographic aliens visit. She and journalist, Esperanza Enlaces, show how Earthers change during the thirty-year, increasingly utopian period. Variations in multiverse timelines may or may not allow Clara to be with her love, Epifanio Dang. 

“Breaking the mold, this book challenges everything you think a book ‘should’ do. It’s immensely satisfying and well written.”

“The ideas put forth in this first book allow me to picture a world at peace, where all beings respect one another and continue to learn and grow without fear of being different, or even being from another planet so that the universe becomes accessible to everyone.”

“The experience is mind-altering, and would challenge readers to think beyond the bubble that we live in. I would surely recommend This Changes Everything to anyone that enjoys a a well-written and researched Sci-Fi series. I will point out that it pushes the envelope, and toys with one’s perception. Well done!”

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Volume 2: This Changes My Family and My Life Forever

What do a Jewish rabbi/middle school teacher and young father, a Brazilian/Mexican-American journalist and a middle-aged Buddhist nonprofit educator have to do with the newly-arrived holos of aliens, the other species on Earth that humans may now communicate with via the fish, and “The Transition” period for Earth into membership with the Many Worlds Collective? 


“I love sci-fi and fantasy and this is the real deal.”


“One thing I like very much about the Spanners Series is the message that we can all live together in peace, learn from each other, be there for each other. All differences (religious, racial, gender, and even between species and inhabitants of other planets) are overcome.”


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CIR: What is the main character like?

EMBER: Each Volume features a middle-aged, highly educated white, Jewish-Buddhist USA woman, Clara Branon, but also has narration and action centered on other characters: Volume II features many teens/young adults and especially Moran Ackerman, a Jewish new adult in Volumes I and II. All Volumes include a lot of narration by Esperanza Enlaces, a Brazilian-Mexican-American new adult when the series begins, who works with Clara.

CIR: Are any of the characters like you or someone you know?

EMBER: All of the characters (except the Aliens and non-human animals) are based on actual people in my family and life, including me, but each is also a composite and is then augmented/altered during the series as to be unrecognizable to most people. I “lend” Clara a lot of my own story as her history, but her present and future are not mine (so far, anyway…).

CIR: What would you say is the most unique thing about the series?

EMBER: Volumes are written and characters speak mostly in the present tense to highlight the truth of simultaneous time. This takes some getting used to and many do not like that, at first, or think the books need editing. After a chapter or two, most readers get into the flow. Also, the love story between Clara and Epifanio is written in several versions to demonstrate the forking multiverse existence we all are coming to know, as are many other aspects of Earth’s history and future, depicting alternate scenarios. Having multiple narrators who alternate telling their parts or versions of the story increases the perspectives available but also takes some concentration on readers’ parts.

CIR: It sounds like your book will prompt a lot of questions.  What are some of the things people might be pondering after they close the book?

EMBER: When humans find out that not only are we not “alone” in achievements, in our peak levels of intelligence and capacities right here on Earth, but also throughout the multiverse, and that, in fact, many supercede humans, how do we change? Who adapts and who can’t?  “Re-set” is a tactic that can be employed to go “back” to a point in one’s history and take a different “fork.” This can be done personally, for groups, or for the entire planet/multiverse (and all affects all, anyway). What would YOU Re-set, if you could? How would that change everything?  If being with the love of your life meant that many and perhaps s/he would suffer or have a shorter life, what would you do?  What is the nature of one’s duties/responsibilities to the “greater good” when one has “special” talents, skills, characteristics? What happens when we disagree on what that “greater good” actually is?

CIR: Is there any content that some readers might find questionable despite the overall “clean” feel of the book?

EMBER: There is mild swearing in a few places. There are scenes with adults and soon (later volumes) older teens who are kissing that leads to sex, but sexual body parts are not named if they are touched and the scene cuts out before sexual activity actually commences.

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