mysteryby B. L. Hoffman


Book 1: Mystery at Shadow Lake

The voice appeared to come from inside the tunnel. I slowly lowered myself down to the bend to get a better look. I didn’t hear anything. I called out “Is anyone down here? Do you need help?” 

I turned back to where the flashlight was aimed, and immediately saw two shining circles, resembling eyes glowing from the light, and looking in my direction. Before I could make another move, I heard. “Please help me.” 

“Who’s there? I asked again. 

As I watched the shiny spheres, they began moving closer and closer. I stared at them at first, not certain if the person in trouble was approaching me, or if I should be running for my life from something evil. As the eyes drew closer, I could now make out a figure. It looked strangely familiar. Then I realized the figure was the little girl I had seen in my nightmare. The same one who had disappeared in the lake and hasn’t yet been found.

“This book is a thriller in the finest sense of the word.”

“B.L. Hoffman brings forth a wonderful new hero to the genre in Spencer. “

 “The ending literally left you hanging and anxiously awaiting the next adventure.”

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Book 2: Escape from Shadow Lake

The danger continues, as several men, including Spencer’s father, are kidnapped. Spencer searches diligently to find them – and a reason for their disappearance. As he puts together the pieces, he discovers a devastating deception. On his own, he must find his dad and the others, and return them home safely…without being captured in the process.

“What a thriller. Definitely a must read.”

“I could not put this one down.”

“Spencer is a teen hero.”

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Book 3: Return to Shadow Lake

After the rescue of his dad and friends from Shadow Lake, Spencer and his family try to get back to a normal home life. Just as the family settles into their routine, they are visited by a group of American Indians that insist on meeting with Spencer and the others who took part in the removal of ancient objects from the ground at a neighbor’s cottage.

Running Fox explains to the teens and their parents the necessary actions that must be performed in order to rid the lake of the evil spirits they uncovered. If the ceremony is not performed, the families will never be able to return to their cottages without the fear that drove them away only weeks before. 

“I’ve read all three books twice and they get better each time.”

“The best series I had read this year so far.”

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The three books above tell a complete story and should be read in order.  The following is part of the Spencer Kane series, but is unrelated to the first three and can be read as a stand-alone.



The Lake Dweller

With his Florida beach trip canceled, Spencer agrees to help a friend, Cassie Vance, check out a home her family inherited from her uncle in southern Indiana. The generous notion to help clean up the property was met with shocking surprises.

A lake dweller, fixated on Cassie before he laid eyes on her, wants possession of her and the house. 

A young boy, Daniel, who is among the lake dwellers, captures the hearts of Spencer and Cassie, and desperately needs their help to survive … and to escape.

“I have read all of the Spencer Kane Adventures and they just keep getting better.”

“Love this book. Something happening all the time.”

 “This was a wonderful book. It was a quick read with action that kept the pages turning.”

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CIR: What provided the inspiration for this series?

HOFFMAN: I’ve always liked mysteries, so my book just naturally went in that direction.  I have an aunt and uncle who had a cottage on Bear Lake, Michigan, so I thought it would be fun to recall the location and descriptions of the times I was there, and weave them into the plot.  In the fourth book, I wanted Spencer and Cassie to have their own adventure and become even closer friends…possibly seeing each other as more than that after their scary journey together, and how they watch out for each other in a tough situation.

CIR: Reviewers love Spencer Kane, the character.  Tell us about him and his friend Cassie.

HOFFMAN: Spencer Kane is seventeen when the series begins.  He and his family live in Indianapolis, IN. He is an excellent student and a kind and well-mannered young man. (Which people found hard to believe in today’s society.  I just tell them that that is who I wanted him to be.) He is looking ahead to college, likes to look at pretty girls, and fights with his younger brother…so he does have some traits of today’s teens. His parents made him who he is.  They are caring people who enjoy their family times, look out for others, and raise their boys to be responsible and self-sufficient adults.  I think Cassie and I share a few similar qualities. I try to show compassion to everyone, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, I like to make jokes in tense situations, and if backed in a corner I will come out fighting.  In Lake Dweller, I mainly want readers to see how kind Spencer and Cassie are to the little boy. They didn’t shy away from him because he was needy. They treated him like a human being, invited him in, and showed him compassion. They weren’t afraid to stand up for him against an authority figure who was treating him unfairly.

CIR: What would you compare this series to?

HOFFMAN: Several people have commented that my books remind them of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mysteries, which they enjoyed years ago. I never thought about that until I heard it.  I guess they do.

CIR: Given how involved the stories are, what was your writing process?

HOFFMAN: I wrote most of the first book in the back seat of our car, driving home from Texas after visiting my sister and her family.  My sister is a writer, and was working on her second or third book when I visited.  I should have listed her under inspiration! I was so surprised at how many ideas came bursting out on paper once I started!

CIR: Is there more coming?

HOFFMAN: Yes!  I hope to have the fifth Spencer Kane Adventure out before Christmas.  (I would say sooner than that, but I might jinx myself and not make it…I’d rather pick date further out, and hopefully release it early!)

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