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5435891_PRODUCT_IMG_1 (2)by Keith D. Guernsey


Book 1: Confessions of a Beantown Sports Junkie


Keith takes a fun, light-hearted trip down memory lane and his experiences as a player, coach and avid fan of all Boston sports. After recovering from two rounds of life-threatening brain surgeries, he was able to play on three championship softball teams in two states. It is also a story of love and devotion between a son and his father.

“What a great piece of work! I felt that it gave me a grand tour of Boston sports!”

“I loved it because of the honest descriptions of the struggles of youth and the importance that support of family plays in a persons life.”

“A good read that paints a vivid picture of how a true sport fans love for his hometown sport teams is intertwined with the other aspects of his life from childhood through adolescence to becoming an adult.”

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unnamedBook 2: Fathers and Sons ~ Sports and Life


A story of an uncommon love and devotion between fathers and sons. It is a story of my recovery from two rounds of life-threatening brain surgeries to play on three championship softball teams in two states. It includes a chapter on the most controversial sports topic of our time; Deflategate.

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CIR: What did you enjoy most about writing this series?

GUERNSEY: Re-living my childhood memories.

CIR: Obviously, the “characters” in this book are all real people. Who is your favorite?

GUERNSEY: In book 1, Bobby Orr, a friend who became a hockey Hall-of-Famer. In book 2, it’s a two-way tie between my wife and my son.

CIR: What message do you hope your readers will get out of reading this part of your life story?

GUERNSEY: That one can come back and lead a full life after two brain surgeries. Also that sports parents can be devoted without being overbearing (yell at a coach, questioning the umpire etc).