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spyby Sophie Schiller

During the height of the Great War, Abby Maduro is an adventurous island girl who saves the life of a mysterious stranger who has washed ashore on her Caribbean island.  Soon, friendship and love blossom between the unlikely pair, even after Abby learns that Erich is a deserter from a German U-boat.  When the island’s German Consul discovers Erich’s true identity, Abby must use her wits, bravery and a little island magic to save her tranquil world from a dangerous German spy ring.  

“I have been left speechless. Not because I don’t know what to say. But because the writing is so profound.  This book is full of intrique and suspense. For anyone who loves history, trust me this is the book for you. It is a definite page turner.”

“Spy Island was a really fun book to read! The main character, Abby, is spunky, smart, adventurous heroine with a heart of gold! This would be a great book for fans of historical fiction, but even if you usually don’t read about the past, you should still check this book out!”

“From the first page, I was instantly thrown into Abby’s world and truly taken aback by the lovely descriptions ranging from those of Panama to those of life at sea to those of the Dutch West Indies.”

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CIR:  What gave you the inspiration for this book?

SCHILLER:  I wanted to write a historical novel about the Danish West Indies since no one had ever done it before, and when I found out that during WWI, a real German spy ring was operating there, and that the Germans had a real need to establish a submarine base there, the story became very plausible.

CIR:  Historical novels are a lot of work.  What was your process like?

SCHILLER:  The writing process took five years and over 20 drafts.  It was a monumental task, given that I was attempting to create unique and memorable characters at the same time.  Writing a book is really like a 24 hour job, just as you’re about to drift off to sleep, you get an inspirational idea that you must write down.

CIR:  Your heroine is an island girl?  What’s she like?

SCHILLER:  Abigail Maduro is daunting.  She’s a girl on the cusp of womanhood who is put to the test with the death of her parents and the loss of all her property, but her character and courage shines through, even when all hope seems gone.  She’s a fighter.

CIR:  Who will like Spy Island?

SCHILLER:  Anyone who loves an adventure story with tons of suspense will love Spy Island.  I have gotten positive feedback from all ages, including senior citizens of all nationalities.  If you love reading about exotic cultures and international settings, you will love Spy Island.

CIR:  What would you compare it to?

SCHILLER:  It’s like Summer of My German Soldier, but set on a tropical island during WWI and includes Germans spies and lots of Caribbean island lore.