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by Benita J. Prins


It’s been hundreds of years since the Dark Lord fell from heaven. Now his power is growing, and as his pall settles over the free world, four adventurers plot his downfall. If Pluriel and his companions can cheat a cunning dragon and retrieve a legendary sword, there’s a chance – a small chance – they could save the world from evil’s tyranny.

Still, getting past the dragon is the easy part. Even if they recapture the sword, the Dark Lord will not die until the Star falls from the sky – and how is such a thing possible? But that’s beside the point. With the sword in their hands, there’s some hope for Militer. Without it, there’s none.


“I have been watching Merlin on Netflix lately and this book reminds me of this TV show.  If you like to read fantasy, you should give this book a try.”


“Full of detailed characters and adventurous events. This book is a must-read!”


“A good story from such a young author in whose work you can appreciate the influence of the great Tolkein.”


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CIR: What inspired this book?

PRINS: A few years ago, at the height of our obsession with The Lord of the Rings, one of my friends (I’ll call her Emily) and I would think out loud and elaborate stories concerning us having adventures in Middle-earth. It was fan-fiction, only we kept it in our heads rather than putting it to paper or screen. One day, however, when Emily was describing one of these stories to me, a spark inside me burst into flame. It was just one sentence that Emily spoke that awakened something in my imagination; I can’t remember what exactly she said anymore, but whatever it was, it evoked a feeling of mystery and beauty. I took the idea and began writing Starscape.

CIR: What was your favorite part of writing this story?

PRINS: The second half of Chapter 18 was my favorite part to write. One of the characters is fleeing from a ghost enemy, and my writing style adapted itself to perfectly evoke her terror. The entire passage flowed effortlessly.

CIR: Who is your favorite character and why?

PRINS: Prince Kedýran was my favorite. I liked how he handled being suddenly thrown into kingship and war when he was so young, and he was the perfect combination of seriousness and boyishness. I loved writing about him.

CIR: What other books, movies or shows might you compare to this story?

PRINS: The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia

CIR: What message do you hope your readers take away from this book?

PRINS: The main theme running through Starscape is that there is always hope, even when it seems to be the end of all things. I hope readers will remember that.

CIR: Is there more coming? A sequel?

PRINS: I have no plans for any sequels, although my current work in progress is set in a different region of the same world. Perhaps I’ll write a sequel someday; never say never!


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