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stellasby R. A. Giggie


“Trust me,” she heard a voice say to her.

When her deaf daughter, 3-year-old Alexis, goes missing, Stella Brigg faces an incredible struggle. Alone, while her husband serves in the armed forces overseas, Stella must depend on Someone greater than anyone she’s ever known. Someone who loves her even more than Don ever did. Only that kind of love can carry her through in her search for Alexis.


“…suspenseful as well as spiritual…”

“This novel has changed my life.”

“A tale of raw emotion, triumph and desperation.”

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CIR: What inspired this story?

GIGGIE: God.  I’ve been involved with the deaf community for many years, something very dear to my heart. So when I wrote Stella’s Plea, I created a deaf character, and then another. As well, there are many myths in the community I wanted to dispel. So this story, which began as a suspense, turned into an educational read as well.

CIR: How did you go about writing it?

GIGGIE: It was part of the NaNoWriMo challenge. For those who aren’t familiar with NaNo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month, and it takes place every November. It’s a time when a writer must write 50,000 words in 30 days. It seems like a lot but it’s only 3 pages a day.  So I wrote nonstop, no editing or rewrites. By the seat of my pants, basically. I had no idea where the story was going. I just took an idea, developed it, then moved on to another. When no ideas came, I turned to my husband for a prompt (I joke and call him my muse) and developed from the prompts he gave me.

CIR: What do you hope your readers will get out of this book?

GIGGIE: I loved to share the message of salvation, and what God has done in my life, but I find it easier to do it with pen and paper, or fingers to keyboard, writing it down in a way that tells how God manifests Himself in our everyday life, and what He does, and why. It is my hope to ultimately reach the lost. I pray my readers will find the Truth in my stories.

CIR: Tell us about Stella.

GIGGIE: There are two sides to every character. On the one side, Stella is a fun, loving, sweet, caring, military wife, whose husband is serving overseas. She’s also a devoted mother to their three-year-old daughter. Alexis is all she has while Don is away. But a year ago, Alexis lost her hearing to meningitis, nearly losing her life in her battle. Stella became very bitter toward God. And of course, you can just imagine how she reacts toward God when Alexis disappears from the local playground.

CIR: What started as a speed write became much deeper.  What themes do you address in Stella’s Plea?

GIGGIE: First there’s that of deafness, second there’s a Christian message.

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