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TwoOfAKind_Kindleby Celesta Thiessen


Book 1: Two of a Kind


Twelve-year-old Faith, who has grown up in a home for orphans in the distant future, unexpectedly finds herself on the run with a youth named Fisher. Together, they must escape the government forces that hunt them to find hope, family and a new life.

“A book that will keep children engaged with the fantasy and magic.”

“The subject matter is interesting and inspirational, the characters are believable and sweet, and the writing is quite engaging.”

“The whole premise is intriguing.”

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Gifted_KindleCoverBook 2: Gifted


Thirteen-year-old Chrissy can read minds and do a few other nifty little tricks, such as levitating small objects. She never realized her gift was such a big deal until her principal, Mr. Kerberos, tells her she has to have a brain operation. Soon Chrissy is on the run with an unlikely ally, Michael, a non-gifted. Can she escape Mr. Kerberos and discover her true destiny?

“Never a dull moment!”

“A great story of learning and discovery.”

“Full of suspense and drama.”

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Invisible_KindleCoverBook 3: Invisible

Fifteen-year-old Jia has been using her gift of invisibility to try to find out where the Black Empire has taken her mother. But she needs help. Jia finds a powerful telepath, Fisher, only to learn his cousins have just been captured and his sister is in danger! Will Fisher and Jia be able to rescue them?

“I like that each book focuses on a different character with different gifts and unique problems. This allows each book to work well as part of the series but also as a stand-alone.”

“Exciting fiction that teaches Christian values.”

“Quite a page-turner!”

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Fire_KindleCoverBook 4: Fire


Ten-year-old Mark calls himself Fire. He’s a powerful elemental bent on revenge. But when he meets Chrissy, Faith and the rest of the Super Seven, he begins to see that there’s another way.

All the Gifted must work together to try to reacquire the strategic Mountain Springs Resort and to stop the Black Empire from wiping the Gifted off the face of the planet.

“What a compelling, fast-paced story this is!”

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Strong_KindleCoverBook 5: Strong


A fire, sparked by sinister forces, devastates the School for the Gifted. The Super Seven are separated. Lance and Faith end up at a public school in a large city, far from the rest of their friends. There, Lance experiences something he has never faced before – bullying. He is determined to take the high road but, as things go from bad to worse, will he be able to stay strong?

“Great for teens and up who love to read clean, short, Christian morals mysteries with a lot of suspense in them.”

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CIR: What inspired this series?
THIESSEN: When I was writing the first book of The Super Seven series I was feeling lonely. I felt like a lot of the people around me didn’t get me and sort of like I needed to be rescued, too. When I was writing Two of a Kind, I felt like I was trying to figure out what I was meant to do. I think a lot of young people feel that way – struggling to understand who they are and where they fit in the world.
CIR: What would you compare this book to?
THIESSEN: This series reminds me of Star Wars – a group of close friends and family fighting for their survival against an enemy that is vast and somewhat shrouded in darkness.
CIR: Reviewers mention the Christian values woven into the story line. What messages do you hope your readers will get out of this book?
THIESSEN: I hope they will come away with a renewed faith that they have been made right and for a reason.
CIR: Is there a main character?
THIESSEN: There are seven main characters in this series. In each book a different character is featured. I love all the characters because they’re each special in some way. I think one thing that they all have in common is that they grow from self-doubt to confidence as they work together and begin to understand and appreciate their gifts.
CIR: Is there more coming?
THIESSEN: There are two more books in The Super Seven series, which are currently in the editing phase. I hope to have these books out before November.

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