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by Marianne Sciucco


Champion swimmer Aerin Keane is ready to give up her dreams of college swimming and a shot at the Olympics. As she starts senior year in her third high school, Aerin’s determined to leave her family troubles behind and be like all the other girls at Two Rivers. She’s got a new image and a new attitude. She doesn’t want to win anymore. She’s swimming for fun, no longer the freak who wins every race, every title, only to find herself alone.

But when her desire to be just one of the girls collides with her desire to be the best Two Rivers has ever seen, will Aerin sacrifice her new friendships to break a longstanding school record that comes with a $50,000 scholarship?


“I am 10 years old and I just finished reading your book, Swim Season. I thought that it was one of the best books I have ever read.”


“What an engaging read! More than simply a story about competition on a swim team, this story is about growing up, learning about the complexities of life and how our decisions can impact our future, positively or negatively.”


“Marianne Sciucco writes with such skill that you are transported right into the story. In this case, she puts you right in the water next to Aerin as she swims for her life. This story is so powerful, so gripping, I couldn’t put it down.”


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CIR: What inspired this story?

SCIUCCO: My daughter’s 11 year swimming career, which recently ended. All those hours sitting on cold metal bleachers gave me more than a sore you-know-what ~ they inspired a novel.

CIR: What was your favorite part of writing this story?

SCIUCCO: I loved writing the story of Aerin’s mom, a wounded warrior who’s made some big mistakes. She’s a nurse, like me, and a former swimming champion who almost made the Olympic team, not like me by a long shot.

CIR: What was the hardest part of writing this story?

SCIUCCO: The hardest part was keeping it going over five years of writing with repetitive strain injuries. Ouch! I almost quit a dozen times but the team wouldn’t let me.

CIR: Who is your favorite character and why?

SCIUCCO: Aerin. She’s strong, beautiful, and grows a lot in this story.

CIR: What other books, movies or shows might you compare to this story?

SCIUCCO: I’ve been told it’s the All the Right Moves of swimming.

CIR: What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

SCIUCCO: I hope my readers take away a love for the sport. It’s a terrific way for kids to engage with others in a positive way and teaches lifelong skills.


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