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by Java Davis Jackson Ferry (known as Jake), a young man born into a privileged New York family, loses them in a car accident.  Young and wealthy, he needs to justify his existence during The Great Depression.  Skilled in carpentry, … Continued


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by Vikki Kestell   Fiery-haired, fiery-tempered Tabitha gives her heart to God and her life to nursing. When the Great War erupts in Europe, she hears God asking her to nurse the war wounded. Will the elite British Nursing Service accept … Continued


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by Margaret Lynette Sharp   It’s the decade before the Swinging Sixties and young love’s passions are running high. In this two-work anthology we meet characters as diverse as the sweet, shy Linda and her femme fatale sister, Tessa; the likable, … Continued


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by Laura VanArendonk Baugh   Winner, 2012 Luminis Prize   Book 1: Kitsune-Tsuki The onmyouji Tsurugu no Kiyomori, a practitioner of the mystic arts, has been engaged to protect the warlord’s new bride from the fox spirit rumored to be … Continued