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Ten years ago, a human brain was created and installed into the control centre of a city. To most people, it is a non-living entity operating in the background of their lives. Only a girl named Myth knows better: the … Continued


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Earth has made first contact with an alien race.  At the historic first meeting, an ambush put peace for humanity out of reach.  Colonel Kyle Martin was there that day.  It was his leadership and the bravery of his marines … Continued


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The Frontier Worlds can be a very chaotic place to live. The Barons are in command but it’s the Alpha Cartels who control day-to-day living. Corruption is rampant and the Barons annihilate any who oppose them. The line between life … Continued


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The universe is restless. A brilliant inventor has been kidnapped by a group of diseased refugees seeking a cure for their malady. Meanwhile, two agents are in pursuit of a dangerously powerful and deranged scientist who has escaped from prison … Continued