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knotby Alan Tucker


Book 1: Knot in Time


My name is Darius Arthur Heisenberg, but most people call me Dare. If my last name sounds familiar, it’s probably because of my great-great uncle Werner Heisenberg. He was a physicist who came up with something called the Uncertainty Principle. But listen, Uncle Werner had no idea how uncertain things really are.

I work for a group, called the Keepers, that label themselves the custodians of time. And, believe me, time is a mess. It needs all the custodians it can get. Which is, of course, why the Keepers selected me, a nineteen-year-old high school dropout, to join them. I recently worked as a janitor for a couple months. Perfect fit, right?

Okay, it didn’t make much sense to me either, but I wasn’t in a position to turn down a steady job and a roof over my head. Besides, all I’m supposed to do is travel through time and save the universe as we know it, how hard could it be?

Yeah, better hold on. This could get ugly.

“Alan Tucker has found a way to blend Isaac Asimov and Orson Scott Card, and then frost it with delicious layer of snark. I love anything with time travel and do-overs, and this one did that in a bunch of new and unexpected ways.”

“Fast-paced time travel journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip!”

“The twists and turns of this time hopping tale are well put together and keep your attention, without making one crazy trying to keep the various plots straight.”

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Book 2: Abandon Hope

My name is Darius Arthur Heisenberg and I’m an agent for a Keeper of Time who calls herself Sacrifice. I don’t get paid, but I have my own room and all the nutrient mush I want to eat. My supervisor is a sarcastic computer I named Kim, and my instructors are a gruff, giant hamster and a slimy, tentacled blob, none of whom are quite sure why I was recruited in the first place.

But, hey, people say it’s the little things in life that are important.

Take this disk I found, for example. It’s no bigger than a quarter, yet it was the key to preventing billions of deaths on Earth in around two hundred years. Only problem is, now that I found it, it’s not performing its task anymore and I have to fix it before everything I’ve ever cared about ceases to exist.

Did I mention my job comes with more than a moderate amount of stress?

“This new series is so well written, enjoyable, and imaginative, you don’t want to miss any of it.”

“This is the second in the series after Knot in Time. It ties in seamlessly and keeps up the wonderful bizarre story. I found myself unable to put it down, wanting to know if everyone was going to make it and if the threads of time be would forever changed or if they could be fixed before it was too late.”

“This is an excellent piece of sci-fi. It really takes String Theory and makes a realistic and wonderfully twisted tale out of it.”

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CIR: What gave you the idea for this book?

TUCKER: I’ve always loved the idea of time travel and all the fun twists and loopholes it involves. Back to the Future is one of my all time favorite movies, and I wanted to write a story with funny elements along with a fast-paced adventure with a character who doesn’t really understand what’s going on but has a good heart and tries to do his best no matter what.

CIR: How is this different from other time travel stories?

TUCKER: There are some comedic moments I don’t see a lot in the genre. Really, it’s an action-adventure story masquerading as science fiction with a hero who’s a bit of a bumbler, but gets things right in the end for the most part.

CIR: Which sci-fi authors influence you?

TUCKER: Oh, boy. How long do we have? Alan Dean Foster was a big favorite of mine growing up. I also read a lot of the classics: Asimov, Clarke, Bradbury, Heinlein, Niven. I could go on. Science fiction has been such a vibrant genre for many years. Card’s Ender’s Game was another favorite along with a book called Dragon’s Egg by Robert Forward.

CIR: Tell us about the main character.

TUCKER: Darius Arthur Heisenberg, affectionately known as Dare, starts out as a nineteen-year-old high school dropout, living on his own on the streets of Denver, Colorado. He’s smart, into movies, and a bit of a geek with a big heart. He’s at a low point in his life when a many-tentacled alien comes calling to offer him a job helping to monitor and fix time lines. He has no idea how or why he’s been chosen for this, but decides his other prospects are rather slim and dives in with both feet. Slowly, he finds out there are reasons why he in particular was plucked out of time for this assignment. And things aren’t what they appeared to be on the surface.