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edenby Sheri Richey


Book 1: Finding Eden

By day, Mary Alayna Dalton is a successful Chicago professional who is being considered for a promotion to the top position in her company. By night, she shares her home with six young men who grew up at Eden Hall, a boys’ foster home, and performs with them in their band that plays at the local pub. The only thing missing in her life is a loving relationship with someone accepting of her whole life. When a business encounter thrusts Clark Dulanty into her life, he accidentally stumbles from her days into her nights and uncovers both sides of Mary Alayna Dalton. Their encounters are turbulent and their ensuing romance revealing as Clark slowly discovers all her secrets, only to expose the ambiguities of his own life choices on his journey to Finding Eden.

“I loved the characters — enough to want to read the rest of the series. It’s refreshing to read about young people who are successful at rising above what life has dealt them.”

“I loved this entire series. I bought all the books. As soon as I finished one, I started on another.”

“I found ‘Finding Eden’ a sweet, supporting, loving, and inspiring story. It’s a really good read!”

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Book 2: Saving Eden

When Eden Hall’s long time administrator retires and the boys’ foster home is threatened by possible closure, Ryan Holt steps in as administrator. Growing up next door to Eden Hall rather than inside didn’t keep him from feeling it was a part of him. The job was demanding but lonely until Ryan wins a national award for his work and the Chicago Tribune sends a reporter, TJ McCord, to do a story on his success. He finds it is more challenging to find success with Taylor than it was with Eden Hall, but just as rewarding.


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Book 3: Healing Eden

Vincent Dane struggles to deal with past mistakes and misunderstandings in the hopes of healing old wounds. For someone who didn’t feel as though he had much of a past, he didn’t feel he’d handled his life too well. An ambulance ride gives him a chance to right those wrongs and rescue his dreams.


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Book 4: Protecting Eden

Chicago Police Detective Sean Clary returns to active duty after a knife injury only to get an assignment that turns out to be his greatest challenge. His motto had always been “Protect and Serve”, but he’d never been in a position to possibly lose his future by protecting his past. Carena Cabot shows him that although he is a unique man, there is a woman out there just like him, and she forces him to finally face himself.


“I loved this entire series. I bought all the books. As soon as I finished one, I started on another.”


Available on Amazon and Createspace

CIR: What was the writing process like for this series?

RICHEY: The initial endeavor was intended as a single book written as a gift for my mother.  Nothing more.  I created characters and an initial setting for them, then I just turned them loose.  I don’t feel that I had much to say in the direction the books went (although I must have been the driver) because once they came to life, they seemed to make their own moves.  I didn’t outline or story board the books.  I didn’t even plan to write five books.  As it turned out though, each of these people seemed to need an opportunity to tell their story, so I let them.

CIR: These characters have really come to life for you.  Are any of them like you or someone you know?

RICHEY: Unfortunately no, but they are all people I wish I knew.  As I wrote the series, I felt like they were all alive inside of my mind as real people.  There are characteristics in each of them that I admire and I genuinely enjoyed getting to know them.

CIR: What makes this romance series unique?

RICHEY: I think my stories are unique because they address a situation that no one else acknowledges.  When you hear about orphaned children or children in foster care, the emphasis is always on the young child needing nurturing.  It is never about the young adults beginning their own individual lives without the foundation that most of us take for granted.  You don’t hear about the unique struggles they face, particularly if they were raised in an institutional setting.  They may no longer be labeled children, yet their lives are greatly impacted and impeded by their childhood origins.  It is an unaddressed niche in our society.

CIR: Is there any content that some readers might find questionable despite the overall “clean” feel of the book?

RICHEY: There is no foul language or graphic sexual activity depicted, but you are aware that they engage in intimacy prior to marriage, which some might find objectionable.  Certainly nothing that you wouldn’t find on a prime time television series every day of the week.