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Larkspurby Anastacia Hawkins

Book 1: Larkspur

During a dance performance, Taylor and Leslie mysteriously fall into the enchanted land of Larkspur. With the help of Redmond, the great counselor-in-training, they discover their mission: to perform the magical Dance of the Dawn in order to help their beloved dance instructor, Madame Lumiere, find her way home from the Earthly Realm. But first they must rescue the adored talking pet of the Fiery One and aid Little Light, the glowing princess, as she bravely sets off to rid Larkspur of the cruel Puranna and despicable Derrick of Dungeoness. 

“You will find yourself captivated by the magic of Larkspur and it’s inhabitants…Larkspur is a great summer read for the young and ‘young at heart’.”

“What a wonderful adventure Taylor, Leslie and Mason have! If Larkspur were really just a toe-step away I’d be there for sure.”

“Anastacia Hawkins takes us all, young and not-so-young, on a magical trip through the land of Larkspur. Her setting and characters are well-drawn and we care about them immediately. The story and the length of the book are perfectly suited to the younger reader, without losing the focus of their elders.”

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Book 2: Return to Larkspur 

There’s a new enemy in Larkspur. Kieron of Wickland will stop at nothing in order to gain the power and position he believes he deserves. As Kieron forges a deal with Darkness, King Alastar of Larkspur boldly sets out to pour the Areli Light into the hearts of his people, the same Light that turned a castle wall into a pile of rubble, and led Larkspur’s previous enemies into their imprisonment in the Murky Realm. In this anticipated sequel to the fantasy adventure, Larkspur, Taylor, Leslie, and Mason return to Larkspur to be infused with the Areli Light in order to help defend the land and people they have come to love. As they face new challenges and form new friendships, their loyalties will be tested, and their hopes and dreams divided. Will the Light bring peace once more? Or will Darkness overcome it?

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CIR:  What inspired you to write the Larkspur series?

HAWKINS:  At age 11, my daughter was struggling to find a book that really grabbed her attention. She loved the Avalon series, loved books about magic and friendship, but also loved to dance, and wanted to read a story with dancers as the protagonists. Until then, I had only written short stories, but when your child sincerely asks you to write a book for them… well, could you say no?

CIR:  So this was written for your daughter.  Who else will love it?

HAWKINS:  Larkspur was definitely written with a female audience in mind. Girls, ages 7-13, will love the dancing heroines, the magical land of Larkspur, the handsome and helpful boys, as well as the dark side of The Realm of Light.

CIR:  You mentioned that your daughter liked the Avalon series.  Would you compare Larkspur to that or another series?

HAWKINS:  Larkspur has been compared to The Wizard of Oz and Narnia. It is a story involving a strange and magical land and those who find themselves lost in it. But what sets Larkspur apart is the element of dance. Most books about ballerinas revolve around the world of dance: rehearsals, performances, eating disorders, competitive personalities. Larkspur is pure fun and fantasy for dance lovers and magic lovers alike.

CIR:  Besides dance, what themes play through the series?

HAWKINS:  Courage, Love, Faith, and Friendship. These are themes that reach into the hearts and minds of our children as they struggle through adolescence to discover who they will be. I hope that Larkspur’s readers will identify with the characters and their struggles, and find strength and encouragement throughout the pages of this story.

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