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Uncertain Loveby Margaret Lynette Sharp


Twenty-one-year-old Amanda finds herself falling in love with Kevin, a self-assured guy from the right side of town. Doubts about his fidelity, though, start to creep in when unexpected circumstances arise. And Amanda fears her self-esteem may take a further nosedive when, finally, she meets Kevin’s well-to-do and notoriously snobbish family. Has fate prepared a different path for her, that she may ultimately tread hand-in-hand with someone else?

“I thoroughly enjoyed this short novella and sighed with contentment when I finished reading it.”

“A¬†beautifully told, sweet rendition of love in the 1950’s and shows the sometimes deep uncertainty of following your heart.”

“The story is touching and makes the readers remember their feelings they had at that age.”

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CIR: What did you enjoy most about writing this?
SHARP: The 1950’s seems to be a neglected era, yet it’s a quite fascinating time. Traveling back, time-wise, became very diverting – almost like taking a holiday.
CIR: Who is your favorite character and why?
SHARP: The heroine  Amanda because she is human. I particularly like the way she risks so much for love.
CIR: Did this require any research, and what kind?
SHARP: In common with my other titles set in the 50’s, I researched the era by questioning my husband. Easy and fun!