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On a late spring night, armed soldiers arrest Simon Mendez’s father for “Judaizing.” The Mendezes live outwardly as Catholics, but fear that, someday, somebody will discover the Jewish traditions that they practice in secret.

Incensed by his father’s arrest, Simon desperately wants to avenge the injustice and to save him from a horrible fate.

It won’t be easy. The Mendezes’ formerly friendly neighbors turn against them. Simon and his family can no longer live in their home, and must seek refuge elsewhere.

The dangers are great. Simon’s community is eager to see his father burn at the stake. As the day of the execution draws closer, the Inquisition continues to hunt Simon and his family. They cannot hide forever.

Simon has no choice but to strike back hard at the Spanish Inquisition. He’ll need his sharp wit and raw courage to rescue his father and bring his family to safety – before his father dies.

“Persecution is rampant the world over and this is one family’s trek through it. The action keeps the pages turning and the twists just spin you around! Great read.”

“I was sucked in immediately. I wanted to know what would happen next and was not disappointed. It sent me into some other books and websites to learn more about the historical background. That for me is the sign of an excellent fictional depiction of a time and place.”


Author Note: This book deals with a young man’s pursuit of faith and freedom. He learns the true meaning of “revenge” against the oppressive regime that seeks to crush him spiritually and physically. The story involves a family that strives to stay intact while being true to their spiritual heritage.