How clean are these books?

Please refer to our clean criteria. Generally speaking, though, any books with interviews that do not specify there may be questionable material would be deemed G-rated in content, or at most PG due to mature themes like war or crime.

Is this a Christian book site?

Although we have a large Christian fiction section, this site is non-denominational. Most of the books do not deal with religious themes unless tagged as such.

How do I find something in a specific genre?

The tag cloud of key words lists our genres alphabetically. By clicking on the one you want, it will take you to all the titles that are thus tagged. In many cases, books are tagged with more than one genre, so you’ll have to read the book descriptions to make sure it meets your personal interests.

Can I find children’s literature on this site?

Our emphasis is fiction for readers aged 12-ish on up. The books for those in the younger end of the spectrum can be found listed under Middle Grade or MG.

How do I buy these books?

Each book listed has at least one buy link. It will typically have a link that says “Available on Amazon” or a clickable cover picture. Many of these books are also available to read for free through Kindle Unlimted, a Netflix-like program for e-book readers.

What does “Indie” mean?

Indie is short for independent. Our authors have chosen to publish these books independently (also known as self-publishing) or they have been published through a small independent company, not one of the huge companies like Puffin, Harpers-Collins, or Random House.

How do indie books compare to traditionally published books?

As in any industry, we have books that are excellent and some that are sub-par. Our Clean Indie Reads authors strive to provide the highest quality possible at an affordable price. Some of them are NY Times, USA Today or Amazon best-sellers who make their full-time living from writing books. Others write books while keeping the “day job”. In some ways, indie books are to book stores like popular Youtubers are to television. If they’re good enough, they gain a following even without the big bucks of high-profile producers.



How do I get featured on the blog?

Alas, we are no longer adding new authors to the blog. However, if you enjoy writing flinch free fiction, we would be pleased to welcome you to the Facebook group. It is deemed by many of its members as the best author network and writing support group on the web.


What if I’m only on Facebook with my private profile, not my author pen name OR if I’m trying to keep my private profile separate from my author page?

You’d have to do it the exact same way I do (because Lia London is my pen name, as well). You join the FB group with your real profile. The good news is that many of our authors are in the same boat, so no one will blink. You could introduce yourself and let us know the pen name. It’s also a closed group, so your secret identity wouldn’t be out there for everyone in cyberspace to view, just the fellow authors, who share the same superhero dilemma and are disinclined to unmask you in public. CIR is like our own little club where we can let our guard down and talk shop about how to write and publish books.  With that in mind, if you decide you would still like to give us a try, let me know which name (as in, your real name) to be looking for, and I’ll let my membership team (the admins who process member requests) know you’re coming. You can do that by contacting me through my Facebook author page at Lia London Books.


Are all authors eligible to join the CIR network?

We do vet each person who requests membership in CIR to make sure they (a) really are an author, (b) won’t spam us, and (c) write “flinch free” fiction for people aged about 12 to 120; authors of erotica, hard core horror, nonfiction, or children’s books will not be admitted.