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AllsFairinLoveandWeddings 500x750-3by Christine S. Feldman

Former wild child Prue Collier has regretfully been estranged from her family for years, so when her sister invites her to her destination wedding in the Virgin Islands, Prue leaps at the chance to mend at least one broken family relationship and prove that she’s a changed person.

Tucker Davies, on the other hand, has come to the islands to stop the wedding because, as a childhood friend of the groom, he has reason to believe that the wedding is a huge mistake. But he didn’t count on going up against Prue.

“Prue is a great character. She is determined, klutzy, and so loyal. Then bring in Tucker, who is just as loyal, but not nearly as klutzy, and you have an amazing couple.”

“I laughed so many times, many times getting odd looks from whoever was sitting near me. When a book can make me laugh out loud I know that I will need to recommend it to my friends.”

Author note:  In some ways this book reminds me of films like 10 Things I Hate About You or Much Ado About Nothing in that there are definite elements of antagonism between the hero and heroine that later evolve into something sweeter, and there are also complicated relationships with friends and family that affect how the story plays out.  Plus, there are plenty of moments filled with humor. There is some mild language in a few spots–the “rougher” versions of heck and darn.  They’re pretty few and far between, though.