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Amadi realizes how much she hates being a girl when her half-sister is unwillingly engaged to an elderly gold-smith. She manages to become apprenticed to a thief where she lives as a boy more often than not. But when her teacher, her Helping Hand, is murdered, her oath of revenge lands her smack dab in the path of an assassin hired to kill her, and a jackal-headed god with the same purpose. Now, her only defense is the threadbare tunic of a young man and her training as a thief. 

“The creativity and imagination that went into this book is incredible. Out of this world! I loved how all three of the stories wove into each other so smoothly and beautifully. I was knocked off my feet. If you love supernatural mixed with fairy tale with a YA feel to it, the originality in this book will quench that thirst for creativity flavor!”

“Set against a sumptuous backdrop, this wonderful protagonist brings life to a unique fairy tale with a hue of colorful characters that burst from the page. Katharina Gerlach is one to watch.”

Author note:  This book grew from a short story I wrote a few years back. Beta-readers loved the story but thought it too short to truly develop the world. So, I reread the Tales from the Arabian Nights, studied books about life in Arabian countries (after all I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes), and developed the plot. After that, writing Amadi’s adventures went surprisingly fast.