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He saw movement behind the bushes ahead.  There, through the thick underbrush he could just make out the green scaly outline of the dragon.  Barbed spikes protruded from its ugly head.  He must close in slowly, so as not to be noticed.  It was noisily shredding its most recent kill.  Andy crept forward.  He swallowed hard.  This was his chance.  Slowly he raised his bow.

“Andrew Farrin Smithson!  Come here this minute!”

Startled, Andy argued, “But Mom, I can’t.  I’m right in the middle of this level.”

“I don’t care.  Turn off that game and come down here.  Now!”

“But Mom, I’ll lose everything if I have to stop now.”

“You’ll lose more than that if you don’t stop arguing!”

The tone of her voice told him not to say anything more.  She was home late tonight and clearly not in a good mood.

Andy came downstairs into the kitchen where his Mom was sitting at the granite counter of the breakfast bar.  “That was Mrs. Crabtree on the phone.”  His Mom let the words linger for a minute…

“I so admire the author for having the tenacity to actually include good old-fashioned morals in her story. Our young readers need to learn that it is ok to not be the same old “cookie cutter” kid. It is good to have values, honor your family, be truthful, obey your parents, and know that there is so much more inside each and every one of us.”

“In our present day’s society where the ‘victim’ mentality is so prevalent, this book was like a breath of fresh air, breathing new life into the fact that each and every one of us can change the way we think about things–no one has to be a victim — it’s a choice we each make. Change is possible for each and every one of us.”


Andy Smithson returns to Oomaldee to retrieve the second ingredient needed to break a 500-year-old curse enacted to punish the current ruler for murdering his older sister when she was 15. Not one to forgive easily, Imogenia’s spirit is bent on thwarting Andy to preserve the curse and naively aligns herself with the evil, scheming Abbadon. Things go from bad to worse when a creature Abaddon conjures from the darkest magic steals the Stone of Athanasia, the source of the ruler’s immortality, causing the king and his wizard Mermin to fall gravely ill. Andy is forced to choose between retrieving the stone and saving those he loves, or obediently going after the second ingredient. What will he chose? Will he be able to save the King and Mermin?

“Easy to read with constant suspense, adventure-seekers will love this fast-paced fantasy book with new monsters and enemies that Andy must face. I loved all of the new characters and foes, including the Bellicose and Razen, which give a new flavor and twist to the story.”

“I found this book inspiring, encouraging, full of “teachable moments” from which its readers can learn strategies on ways to deal with challenges in their own lives.”


Andy discovers more than he bargained for when his parents reveal his mom’s past and he realizes she will die when he breaks the curse unless he intervenes. Twelve-year-old Andy returns to Oomaldee to find its citizens on edge after many have been turned into vulture-people. Against this background, Andy and his company embark upon the next quest, to retrieve the horn of a unicorn. But not long into it, a seductive voice calls to Andy, tempting him to surrender the next ingredient in exchange for a promise to preserve his mom. Will he be able to stop the transformation of Oomaldee’s citizens? Will he jeopardize his ability to end the curse to save Mom? 

“King Arthur and the knights of the round table meet The Lord of the Rings.”

“I appreciate how the author weaves in revered literary references naturally via characters and prose in the book. I was not ready for the book to come to it’s end. As usual, L.R.W. Lee leaves Andy in an interesting spot and the reader longing for the story to go on. Can’t wait for Book 4!”


After a frustrating and, at times, terrifying year, Andy returns to Oomaldee and joins Hans’ quest to locate the only surviving heir to the throne of Cromlech. In the process, Andy and company discover the Giant’s Ring, the center of Cromlech’s healing powers, has been destroyed by Abaddon’s evil sorcerer. The situation grows dire when Andy finds that the phoenix who rose from that land millennia before has returned to be reborn and the evil mage has trapped her inside the decimated Ring. Without the freedom to collect the materials she needs to build a pyre, she will die. Andy knows failure is not an option for he needs a feather from this phoenix as the next ingredient to break the curse.

Resurrection of the Phoenix’s Grace delves into the topics of responsibility, diligence, dignity, humility, and sacrifice. A read that will leave you with ideas to ponder.”

“Plenty of action, mystery, puzzles, old friends, and new friends to keep you entertained throughout.”


The evil Abbadon, king of Oomladee’s northern neighbor Hadession, steps up his attacks on Andy and Mom at home in Lakehills, TX over the next year, unnerving Andy as he overhears speculation that Methuselah may no longer be able to defeat this nemesis. But why?

Over a year later, Andy arrives back in Oomaldee to discover why zolt have been mysteriously parading through the dungeon and disappearing, for years. And it’s not good.

Tensions run high as more and more citizens are turned into zolt. But there’s more going on than meets the eye, for the effectiveness of Abaddon’s strikes defeating the military’s planned counter measures reveal he’s getting inside information. Could there a spy in their midst?

Despite the chaos, Andy receives a clue for the fifth ingredient needed for the curse-breaking potion, the claw of a griffin. There’s one not-so-small problem however–griffins guard the land of Carta’s gold and silver mines and don’t take kindly to humans. While away in Carta, fears over an imminent attack materialize and Abaddon with his new mage, Fides, enact a campaign of terror no one could have imagined!


Before the adventure, before perilous quests…the short tale of three royal ghosts.

In a land far away, there lived a prince who loved power. Carried away by his lust, he surrendered to its devices and usurped the throne from his older sister in an act of treachery.

Imogenia unexpectedly finds herself in the Afterlife, having to navigate between Peace Paradise, the Unclaimed Baggage department, the Unfinished Business office, and other governmental agencies. Against a backdrop of soul music, she encounters all manner of new experiences from black, frothing, arsenic-spiced drinks to guest services personnel and plays host to the king and queen when they join her. While the medieval spirits are friendly and the experiences memorable, Imogenia has never forgotten the cause of her early arrival in the afterlife, and plots revenge. Her parents initially support a beta test she proposes to the Committee on Afterlife Affairs to punish her brother, the former prince now king, but grow weary of the conflict over five-hundred-years and petition to withdraw their support. What will Imogenia do? How will she realize the justice denied her? How will her actions impact others?

“As a fan of this series, this is a great addition! As usual Ms. Lee’s writing style is great – she gets you hooked and keeps the action coming.”

“The content had me chuckling throughout. The real magic, though, is the narrator. He. Is. Awesome. He does a wide variety of voices, and his timing is brilliant. If all audio books were this good, I’d get them more.” 

Author note:  Early on, I was influenced by C.S. Lewis and his Chronicles of Narnia.  I loved the multi-layers that he developed in a fantasy world.  I was hooked.  This book is an amalgam of Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter with a hint of Fablehaven and Beyonders.