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Lily has been drifting through life without much purpose or depth when unexpected acts of fate throw her into a search for angels. A supernatural world has been surrounding her the whole time, but has gone unnoticed as the reality of this world distracts her from the reality of the supernatural world. Two worlds intersect at some axis that Lily and her Granny Rose must find…

“This is a wonderful spiritually enlightening book! It really makes you think about and consider your own faith.”

“I love the originality of this book. It definitely gives you a new perspective on the Bible and the way you look at life’s events.”




Lily Carpenter Roarke has been hurled, unknowingly, into the supernatural world of God. She’s having dreams and visions that are hard to decipher. God and His angels are speaking to her and helping her make new decisions. People have appeared in her life and are changing her entire family. Her journey toward the axis continues. The axis occurs where and when two planes intersect and two distinct worlds, one our own reality and the other supernatural, come together and interact. The forces that bring these two worlds together are a matter of mystery.

“This story explains about God and Heavenly things without a lot of preaching, which nonbelievers will enjoy!”

“Lily is so human and real. Her grandmother is charming and cute. I wish I could visit her myself.” 

Author note: We have experienced the supernatural world of God and his angels, so we know it’s real. Our thought was to create a series reflecting Lily’s journey. Sometimes in life, the answers are unclear or take many years to decipher. We hope to inspire people to look deeper into the supernatural and powerful world God has shown us in the Bible. Jesus healed, cast out demons and raised people from the dead. These are not fairy tales. This is an accurate representation of God’s world. Angels are shown throughout the Bible. If you believe the Bible, you must believe in angels and supernatural events. Our fear is that the physical church has moved too far away from this supernatural world and our books attempt to bring that world back into the modern church of believers. We use one woman’s journey to demonstrate how this can happen. We want Christians to draw closer to God and in doing so, participate in the supernatural.