Some of my earliest featured writers suggested creating a Facebook group where they could talk shop and help cross promote each other’s books.  That also exploded quickly, and has fast become an amazing resource for almost 3600 indie authors, from the newbie who hasn’t hit “publish” on the first book to the established New York Times or USA Today best-seller.

All of the books featured here come from the ranks of our authors, so if you are an independent author who writes “clean” books according to these criteria, this group is for you. We are inclusive and nurturing, and have people from six continents, at least that many major world religions, and from all across the political spectrum. There’s room for you. Find us on Facebook.




How do I get featured on the blog?

Alas, we are no longer adding new authors to the blog. However, if you enjoy writing flinch free fiction, we would be pleased to welcome you to the Facebook group. It is deemed by many of its members as the best author network and writing support group on the web.


What if I’m only on Facebook with my private profile, not my author pen name OR if I’m trying to keep my private profile separate from my author page?

You’d have to do it the exact same way I do (because Lia London is my pen name, as well). You join the FB group with your real profile. The good news is that many of our authors are in the same boat, so no one will blink. You could introduce yourself and let us know the pen name. It’s also a closed group, so your secret identity wouldn’t be out there for everyone in cyberspace to view, just the fellow authors, who share the same superhero dilemma and are disinclined to unmask you in public. CIR is like our own little club where we can let our guard down and talk shop about how to write and publish books.  With that in mind, if you decide you would still like to give us a try, let me know which name (as in, your real name) to be looking for, and I’ll let my membership team (the admins who process member requests) know you’re coming. You can do that by contacting me through my Facebook author page at Lia London Books.


Are all authors eligible to join the CIR network?

We do vet each person who requests membership in CIR to make sure they (a) really are an author, (b) won’t spam us, and (c) write “flinch free” fiction for people aged about 12 to 120; authors of erotica, hard core horror, nonfiction, or children’s books will not be admitted.