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autumnWren could not remember the glorious city, and could not regret the quiet way she had been raised. But she knew Sky longed for nothing more than to return to the capital.  Obviously, she was willing to do anything, even leave Wren behind, to return there.

When a stranger arrives from the Capital, Wren is faced with a decision that will change her life forever, as dark forces from across the mountains compel her to act.

Can Wren let her sister go, restore honour to her family, and come to grips with the world of magic unfolding around her?

“Reminds one of high fantasy with classic folk lore telling around a camp fire being passed into legend.”

“The author has a strong grasp of imagery and pacing, which make this story compelling to read.”

Author note:  I think Autumn Magic is a blend of several of my interests.  At university, I studied Japanese Literature and was fascinated with the ancient Heian period Japan.  Autumn Magic is set in a fantastic/magical Japan-like country.  I have also always read and loved fairy tales.  Several of the events in this book were inspired by a book of Russian fairy tales that I found in a second-hand bookstore a few years ago, hence the swans…

I began writing Autumn Magic just for fun, as a way to amuse my sisters.  About a quarter of the way through it, an author friend of mine challenged me to complete it and get it ready for publication within four months.  The writing process was quite straightforward and the book, in a lot of places, seemed to write itself.  Writing the first draft only took a month or so – as always, it was the editing and re-writing that were a bit more time-consuming.