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Treasonous young Mara has been sentenced to hard labor in the slave yard before her certain death by lashings. Hatred for King Aldus of Avalon drives her every action until one day when Prince Justinius personally offers her an ultimatum. Will Mara chose to befriend her sworn enemies to spare her life? Or will she side with the rebels and die in her fierce pride?

“It was extremely encouraging to me. It reminded me of God’s love, and how He is always there, no matter how dark a situation we find ourselves in.”

“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! This is truly an amazing story that will touch your heart and hopefully give you a fresh understanding of how much Jesus really loves us and wants all of us to walk with Him.”

Author note: I hope the reader will understand that everyone is a sinner and no one is too far gone to be rescued by God’s grace and Jesus’ substitutionary death on the cross. I’d want them to know that Jesus paid the penalty for them to be free of the slave yard, and they don’t have to be afraid to turn to Him.