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barkWhy was she not dead? Angela didn’t know much about guns, but usually pulling the trigger results in a loud bang and, if pointed at the head, splintered skulls and other gruesome detritus as well. No sooner did the gun not go off than she heard a scratching at her door. A skinny, young, and apparently wild dog dashed away as the forlorn woman peeked out the window. No one observing this scene could guess that dog would have any part in healing Angela’s heart, solving a murder, or uncovering a fortune. 

“I am a God-lover as well as a dog-lover, mystery-lover, and romantic at heart, so it was the perfect book for me.”

“The characters resonate so strongly with readers that they would be recognized if they knocked on the front door.


full resolution front cover

Whippoorwill No-Kill Shelter Committee members, Angela and Danielle, ask the same question…for different reasons. Newest resident, Danielle, is wrestling with a desperate decision, and Angela’s reeling from a ransacked home and uncertain romance.

Two mischievous Carolina dogs are sniffing for solutions.

Missing shelter funds, a slashed couch, painful secrets, gunshots in the woods…someone is up to no good. And lives are hanging in the balance.

“The plot combines so many elements that are dear to me: Carolina Dogs, the goodness of God, humor, gentle hints of romance, mystery, and major questions in life. The author writes about sensitive issues with such compassion.”

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  1. Dyego Alehandro

    The play on words of the title was really all it took for me to purchase this, but the book itself has been a delight so far! 🙂