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Ben Taylor has had the same nightmare almost every night since coming to Fairhaven.  Two moons hang in the sky.  A large creature holds him in its claws before dropping him into cold dark water.  There is no one who can tell Ben what his nightmares mean.  Ben’s father has disappeared.  He never knew his mother.  Many of the teachers are his father’s friends, but they do not know the source of Ben’s nightmares. Neither does the principal, who is older than any other person on earth.  They wouldn’t tell him if they knew, for secrets are kept at Fairhaven. 

One secret is that Mariah Templeton is not only the school’s principal, but she is also the earth’s Watcher.  She has a mystical connection to the Earth and to the Watcher’s on the other five worlds and to the Guardian of the Six Worlds.  The Watcher doesn’t understand why Ben is chosen to go to a world full of water where his nightmares will become reality.  Mariah Templeton doesn’t know why he was given only two gifts when three are normally given. All she knows is that it is her job to send those chosen, and Ben has been chosen.  

“This first story of the series is a wonderful introduction into the unusual life of Ben and the promise of further adventures. There are some clever and original ideas and themes such as the importance of friendships and the dangers of prejudice.”

“It seems that I forgot how captivating and incredible it is to read middle grade books, until I read and thoroughly enjoyed Ben the Dragonborn.”

Grade ten isn’t turning out the way Ben expected. His best friend is no longer Ben’s roommate, but has been replaced by a strange boy who follows him everywhere. Jealousy awakens the dragon fire within him when the girl he likes returns to school with a boyfriend. That fire and the scales peeking out from under Ben’s shirtsleeves are making it difficult to keep his secret. Ben needs to go to his mother’s home world to learn how to transform into a dragon. If the training comes too late Ben is in danger of becoming something that is neither human nor dragon.
“This story is action-packed, and young readers will be on the edge of their seats as they follow Ben’s journey with the girl he likes and a new young student.” 
“This reminds me of my daydreams as a child.”

Author note: My job gives me study leave time and I went to a nearby retreat centre.  The only course that vaguely interested me was one on writing fiction.  I had never seriously considering writing a novel, but as I was driving home, the idea for Ben the Dragonborn came.  I felt called to write these characters into existence. Ben the Dragonborn is a book about finding the courage to say yes in spite of fear.  It is a book about overcoming prejudice and finding friends where you did not expect them.  It is a book about embarking on a hero’s quest where the greatest treasure is self-discovery and change.

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  1. Vered

    Thank you for writing the book location as Vancouver Island! What a great and beautiful setting for a mysterious novel.