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Blue Columbine CoverBest Friends—maybe more—until addiction shatters everything.

Childhood sweethearts reunite, but Andrew is not the boy he had been, and Jamie hasn’t changed. Their connection, however, outlasts time and offense.

Loyalty, love, and then betrayal….For Jamie, one thing becomes clear: Andy needs a savior, and she cannot be it. Will Andrew allow the hand of grace to redeem his legacy of addiction, or will he and Jamie remain the casualties of heartbreak?

“Delicate. Humorous. And plumbing the depths of God’s redeeming power. Blue Columbine definitely fulfills Rodewald’s mission statement, ‘Words that edify. Stories that glorify the King.’ Prepare to be inspired and challenged.”

“A poignant and transformational book. Jennifer Rodewald deals with hard issues in her debut novel, and does it with beautiful writing and memorable characters.”

Author note: NO ONE is beyond redemption. No one. I know I need to know that because I love some messy people. God showed me through this book that my prayers do not go unheard, that His hand is more powerful than I give Him credit for, and His time and story line are not necessarily mine. Also, Jesus saves. From white lies to powerful addictions, Jesus saves the lost, washes sin completely clean, and offers new life with real hope.