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Camdyn Taylor is a successful author hiding behind a pen name because her personal life seems to be one mishap after another. Just when things seem to be going well, an embarrassing proposal rejection video goes viral, and she decides to escape by following the research on her latest novel to rural Tennessee. When the best of intentions leave her lost and alone on a dark dirt road, she has no choice but to rely on the kindness of strangers, including the handsome and beguiling Cole Parker. Determined to keep her pen name a secret, she begins digging through ancestral history trying to figure out her heroine’s reason to run, never expecting that she might unearth her own in the process.

“Quirky, funny, delightful, very well-written.”

“This book made me giggle and cry, sometimes at the same time. It was so refreshing to read a book about family and God making the difference.”

Camdyn Taylor finally knows where she belongs, and she begins to plant her roots in Tennessee soil as she readies herself for a new life. The stresses of publishing deadlines and scenery changes are behind her, but a flurry of wedding preparations have taken their place. Add to that a family that suddenly needs her, along with a new set of friends determined to help her experience all the local customs, and things are bound to get interesting. With Camdyn involved, there’s also a good chance that every situation could eventually result in humiliation. In the midst of the excitement, though, Camdyn realizes she doesn’t know the man of her dreams as well as she thought she did. With ghosts from the past popping up at every turn, will she have to decide if there’s a reason to be alone?

“This was a precious story, a loving story, a romantic story. Christina Coryell is a wonderfully promising new author who is an expert at what she does!”

“Christina is a true romantic and knows exactly what a woman wants to hear from the love of her life. Her writing melts your heart, makes you laugh, makes you cry and leaves you wanting more with each book.”


A charming new home, welcoming new hearts, and the promise of forever with Cole Parker – Camdyn is tempted to say that things are just about perfect. With the first novel under her real name set to release soon, she throws herself into an ambitious new writing project and finds herself inexplicably drawn to a vulnerable little girl. Etta Rose, a German-American who suffered through the hysteria and prejudice that plagued the first World War, has a story that Camdyn remembers from her own childhood – a story that she longs to fully discover and share with the world. While Camdyn studies Etta’s history, though, an even bigger secret begins to unfold. Not one to leave a mystery unsolved, she delves into the past, determined to leave no stone unturned. Once the answers are unearthed, what she discovers could hold the power to change not only her life, but the lives of those she loves the most. The truth will not be easily forgotten – is she prepared to turn her perfect new life upside down so soon?

“I love this series! Each novel is better than the last one! I wish I could give it more than 5 stars! The best way I can describe Christina’s writing is light-hearted, serious, funny, fascinating and with a depth that everyone can appreciate! She is my favorite author!”


Camdyn Taylor is growing into her new-found fame, adjusting to unfamiliar roles in her family, and harboring a little secret. Once she makes it known, there is no doubt her life will change. Her relationship with Cole will change. Even her love affair with shoes might hit a snag. She fully expects her world to be turned upside down, and she’s willing to welcome the uncertainty. When she’s thrown an unforeseen curve, though, everything she holds dear will be questioned. Rather than making decisions about what dress to wear on her latest television appearance, she will find herself debating what type of life she wants to live and where to place her hope. Are her roots planted firmly enough to weather the storm?


Author note: I hope that when readers finish, they feel like they have some new friends. Digging a little deeper, though, there are underlying messages of hope, forgiveness, and love that are prevalent throughout, and above all the questioning about whether things that happen in life are really coincidence, or are part of a greater plan.