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As a nurse who has experienced the pain of personal loss, Amanda strives to provide flawless medical care to the neediest of patients. But when her life starts crumbling and she meets her most stubborn patient yet, will sheer determination be enough to see her through? Or should she start wishing for a miracle from a God she doesn’t believe in?

“This is probably the best Christian fiction I’ve ever read. Valerie Howard made it real, poignant, even unsettling, without ever resorting to ugly, foul, or graphic. She managed to deal with all kinds of sticky issues, from abortion and alcoholism to the care of elderly and corrupt religionists.”

“This is a captivating story with an inspirational message. It takes you right into a nurse’s heart and desire to help her patients. Amanda is a relatable, well-crafted character. It takes a loving and caring individual to be a nurse. It’s a wonderful tribute to caregivers everywhere and an excellent journey to finding hope and faith.”

Author note: I got to thinking about the elderly and how our society often neglects or outright mistreats them. I wanted to have one of the main characters be a man in his 90’s to try to delve into what it would be like to live alone, paycheck to paycheck, with a deteriorating body while your mind is sharp as a tack. Out of that idea, Hector Demetri was born.