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TCCC 1563 x 2500

Charlotte Denver loves living in the tranquil town of St. Eves, where crime is almost unheard of. That is, until the arrival of newcomers sparks a chain of events that ends in tragedy … and murder.

While Charlotte’s good friend, Chief Inspector Nathan Costello, is delighted to have a big, fat, juicy crime to get his teeth into, Charlotte’s only concern is solving the case so that peace can be restored to St Eves as quickly as possible. Somewhat reluctantly, but unable to stop herself, she begins to search for clues that will lead to the perpetrator and help solve the case, fortunately discovering her talent for amateur sleuthing along the way!

“I enjoyed immensely reading this well crafted cozy murder mystery, and recommend it to all. A bonus were all the recipes of the scrumptious dishes served at Charlotte’s Plaice as if she herself were giving them to you at the very end.”

“Well-written and teasingly suspenseful until the very end, this book is fun, diverting and a great way to learn new recipes!”

FFF 1563x2500

The death of a much loved member of the community is the catalyst for another murder in the bustling seaside and fishing town of St. Eves. With a conundrum around every corner, reluctant sleuth, Charlotte Denver, takes up the challenge to help solve the case as the plot thickens ever-deeper. As Chief Inspector Nathan Costello heads up the investigation, Charlotte delves for clues to the identity of the killer and finds her life in danger as the story approaches its shocking climax.

“The author has a great writing style – makes me want to go hang out with the characters (except, of course, for the villains).”

“The town and characters wrap you in a warm fuzzy spell that endears you to them.”


SSS 1563x2500

Charlotte Denver is preparing to move into her new home. All is well with the world in St. Eves, and life couldn’t be sunnier. However, when old friends return to the town, tragedy is not far behind and it’s not long before Charlotte finds herself trying to clear her best friend’s name, as long-hidden secrets and a scandal from years gone by are revealed.

“All the elements for a great cozy mystery are there, with a few twists – small town setting, check (but in the UK), intrigue, check (a character gets murdered), recipes included at the end, check (absolutely delicious btw!), & romance, check (between Charlotte & her Detective Inspector Nathan Costello.) But there is quite an usual twist to this story that I refuse to spoil – let’s just say it blew me away!”

PPP 1563x2500

When a dead body is found during the annual St. Eves Halloween fair, it isn’t long before Charlotte Denver finds herself up to her neck in helping to solve yet another murder mystery. This one, however, proves to be a little too close to home for her liking as she finds herself, and the man she loves, in danger … and what is the secret that fiancé, Nathan Costello, is keeping?

“This story was wonderful! It is the perfect package – intriguing plot, fascinating characters, & a definitely satisfying conclusion.”

“I love this series. Each book gets better.”

Author note: Be advised that these stories contain occasional instances of mild swearing.