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CHASING LIBERTYcoverby Theresa Linden


Book 1: Chasing Liberty

Liberty 554-062466-84 of Aldonia lives in a responsible society that cares for the earth and everyone on it. Science ensures that every baby born is healthy. The government ensures every baby born is needed. All are cared for, taught, and given employment. Why is Liberty so unsatisfied?

In two weeks, Liberty must begin her contribution to society. Every girl in Aldonia wishes she had her vocation, but Liberty does not want to be a Breeder. 

“Phenomenal fast paced, gripping book. Left me wanting more and more.”

“An intriguing peek into a futuristic lifestyle created by a new world order.”

“Liberty’s dystopian world was both exciting and frightening, and not unlike a possible future for America.”

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9780996816823Book 2: Teasing Liberty

Liberty, a determined young woman, bides her time in a tiny cell, plotting her escape so she can repair the damage she caused to the once-secret colony that offered her freedom.

Dedrick, one of the Mosheh’s top rescuers, grieves for his family who are now residents of the government’s facilities. Although he has promised obedience to the Mosheh, when he learns of Liberty’s escape from Re-education, he finds himself compelled to rescue her.

“Warning: reading this novel may induce sleeplessness and an elevated heart rate.”

“The ideas that led to the creation of Regimen Custodia Terra can be seen in the world today: the destruction of the family, putting science over religion, and the idea of population reduction. This book is a warning of what is to come, but should also give us hope that it can be overcome.”

“Theresa Linden is a superb writer who knows how to keep the plot moving, creates authentic characters, and delves deep into some of our world’s most troubling issues. Both my teenage daughter and I have enjoyed reading and discussing the Liberty Trilogy and can’t wait for the next book to come out.”

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CIR: What inspired this book?

LINDEN: The idea for this story came directly from the news. Governments too often step on the rights of the individual. Scientific and technological developments often cross ethical boundaries. This story emphasizes the importance of faith, family, and freedom by showing a society that has lost all three.

CIR: What did you enjoy most about writing this?

LINDEN: The characters are always my favorite part of any story, whether I’m reading or writing. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of developing each character in this story, giving each one unique but relatable characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. The characters became so real to me that I decided to change a standalone novel into a trilogy.

CIR: Who is your favorite character and why?

LINDEN: While she has her flaws—she struggles with patience and trust— Liberty is my favorite character. Liberty has personal integrity. She does not simply go along with the culture, even when rebellious words and actions put her in a dangerous position with the government and set her apart from others. She questions the ideologies of the day and thinks for herself.

CIR: Did this require any research, and what kind?

LINDEN: Because this series is set in the near future, I did an incredible amount of research into ideologies that influence world governments, the latest scientific developments, and cutting edge technology. Everything that happens in this story is a real possibility for our future.

CIR: Is there more coming?

LINDEN: Fight for Liberty, the final book in this trilogy, comes out July 4, 2016. Liberty has gained a deeper understanding of true freedom, but having it for herself is not enough. Prompted by the inner voice that has guided her for years, Liberty is compelled to bring the freedom she possesses to others in Aldonia. While unsure of how to carry out this mission, she is willing to risk all to accomplish it.

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