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One rainy night, they meet…and both are forever changed. Neither could foresee that the world as they know it is on the precipice of experiencing the now famous ’37 Flood, and that daily life is about to be transformed into a bone chilling waterlogged state of affairs. But as that harrowing experience fades and their lives return to normal, the two young lovers embark on an unforgettable courtship – that is, until a terrible argument and a tragic misunderstanding tear them apart. How will they survive the separation? 

“This story is truly amazing. It has romance, chivalry, suspense, adventure and resilience. The love story is one that is believable, there is an indescribable reality to it; an ordinariness that makes the book impossible to put down. It is wholesome, moving, and beautiful.”

Author note: Although I did not label the book as an ‘Inspirational Romance’, it almost is. There is an underlying Christian current in the book, with the themes being that God doesn’t punish a person their whole life for one bad choice. And that God wants people to be happy. Many people see God as a big ogre up in the sky that looks for ways to hurt people.