CIR Strong: Earl Chinnici

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Earl Chinnici is one of the MVPs of the Admin team at Clean Indie Reads. In addition to helping sift through all the membership requests and providing sage counsel in our “staff meetings”, Earl is the tech wizard that keeps so many of us going. As the group has multiplied and more authors join us who love writing but are baffled by everything from social media marketing to formatting manuscripts, Earl runs interference, keeping us organized and informed, so that we can rise to the challenge of indie publishing. So, let’s get to know him…


CIR: How did you get started as a writer?

EARL: I started taking notes as I quit smoking gradually.  The day I stopped smoking cigarettes and began to regulate the amount of nicotine I consumed each day, I was excited that I may be on the verge of gaining control over my nicotine addiction. I started to imagine that telling people might really help somebody and began to think seriously about taking the time to write a book, and I used the notes I had taken. Since the writings were basically a memoir of a less-than-famous individual, I decided the indie route was right for me.

CIR: Which part of writing do you find most satisfying? Which is most frustrating?

EARL: Setting my own pace is both most satisfying and most frustrating. I’ve started several books, but I am unsure when I will return to writing them. There are so many stories I’d love to tell, yet telling them requires so much of me.

CIR: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

EARL: Bathe. Bathing while writing is just far too difficult. I absolutely prefer to do that when I am not writing.

CIR [rolls eyes and mutters something about intelligent trousers]: And how about CIR? What do you do there besides what we’ve already noted above?

EARL: I love countless authors of Clean Indie Reads and meet amazing new people there often. So… I like to help out when I can.