CIR Strong: Faith Blum

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Welcome to 2019 and a new way for us to honor those members of Clean Indie Reads who do so much to make our author community outstanding! Today, we’re getting to know FAITH BLUM.


CIR: How did you decide to publish independently?
FAITH: Uh, mainly because traditional publishing seemed WAY too intimidating.

CIR: Which of your works makes you most proud? Why?
FAITH: The Solid Rock! It was my first mystery and I think it turned out very well.

CIR: You’ve written dozens of historical Christian fiction set in the Old West. What’s on deck next?
FAITH: I am writing a WWI.

CIR: That’ll be a fun new challenge, I’m sure. So, once you decided to go indie, what was your experience with other authors in that writing community?
FAITH: They are super willing to help people.

CIR: We’ve certainly found you helpful in Clean Indie Reads. Can you tell us a little about what you do with us?
FAITH: I have been part of organizing the sales events and approving (or disapproving) people who request to be members of CIR. I have also been doing beta-reading and reviews. I host blog tours and talk through the process with people who are just starting out.

CIR: Those efforts are all so important to your fellow writers, and we thank you very much. Are you involved in any other writing groups?
FAITH: I am part of the Young Writers Workshop where I am a Community Assistant on their forum (similar to an admin, but slightly more involved). I am also part of Story Embers where I am a Guildmaster and do a weekly lesson on writing for the guild.

CIR: Well, thank you, Faith, for making CIR part of your author experience. We love having you with us on the admin team and in our Facebook group!