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con jobJacob just wanted to have a good time with his friend Samantha and fellow geeks at the fan convention. But when dead bodies start turning up, Jacob has to start a little early on his hoped-for detective career. After all, the police are out of their depth in a world where nearly everyone wears a costume or uses an alias.

But Jacob has a secret of his own, and it looks like someone is bent on revealing him to the entire con. If Jacob’s history comes out, his police career will end before it begins, even if he can find the killer. And if he can’t, more fans will die.

“I was hooked from the very beginning. I love the characters, the setting, and the mystery. I also really, really hope there will be a sequel or two or six.”

“While the book is quite enjoyable for anyone, it will be appreciated to a even higher degree by those who’ve attended a fan convention and will recognize the truth of many of the situations described herein (murder being the exception, of course!).”

Author note: I’ve been in the con and cosplay community for years, and this was an idea I’d kicked around forever – how would you investigate a murder in a crowd of thousands, most lacking their real names and faces? There are people I’ve known a long time, sharing meals, car rides, even hotel rooms, without knowing full names or addresses. It would be an investigative nightmare.  So of course I had to try it!  Plus, it’s a great excuse to romp about the world of geek fandom, which offers so many opportunities. There are a lot of jokes in the book, with references both direct (the Marvel Cinematic Universe is of course a real-world concept) and indirect (my CLUTCH is a play on the famous artist group CLAMP), but I’m told by non-con-goers that it’s still very accessible.