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Deep in the walls of Cupola lies a secret. A 200 year old magical secret. And it’s up to Anya and her friends to solve it. Meet Anya, a twelve year old girl with utterly no direction in life. Meet Taika, her best friend who can make a potion strong enough to cure a weregoblin, but may forget to warn you that it can explode at any moment. And then there’s Gevin. Yeah … well … Gevin’s just Gevin isn’t he? These three unlikely heroes will have to brew potions, battle monsters, and even endure the night-of-the-overturned-chicken-stool before discovering the deepest mysteries of Cupola.

“I enjoyed it so much, I read it again to be sure I hadn’t missed anything since it was full of surprises instead of being predictable.”

“A great story, wonderful characters and a cause to care about. I thoroughly enjoyed reading.”

anya2Now that everyone knows Anya can perform magic, she’s the number one enemy of the Queen of Cupola. But instead of being punished, she and her friends are being sent on a mission to find a lost treasure. Hmm… Well that’s odd. Anya thinks so too. In an effort to learn just what exactly the Queen has in store for them, Anya and her friends discover something more deadly than they could have ever imagined.

From lost colonies to fairies and even the fabled skinwalker, Anya, Taika, and Gevin find out what really lies outside the walls of Cupola. Will they survive?

“The book is beautifully written, entertaining and gripping. Kids will love it.”

“Magical! Absolutely magical.”

With the Queen’s men at their feet, Anya must get her friends and family to safety. But the only place they can go, the nomadic rebel village, may not want them. Anya brings with her the deadly task of destroying the ancient power crystal. The challenges she must overtake will force her to face her greatest fears and test her friendships in ways she never before imagined. Join them on their journey, as Anya, Taika, and Gevin reveal the deepest mysteries of Cupola.

Author note: I had been a research historian for Cupola for several years when I came across a lost document from before the Magical Revolution. It came from a time in our history similar to your Dark Ages, a time we knew very little if any about. This document allowed me to answer the questions that our culture has been asking for centuries. And it only led to more. I decided that the best way to communicate these found facts was through a typical Cupolian textbook. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it classified as children’s fiction in your earthly libraries! I believe it will take me four books to list all of the details needed to understand that period in our history, and I have called those books collectively, The Cupolian Series.