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Sharee Jones didn’t plan on falling for a man who resents God, didn’t plan on the mutilated dolls or the threatening notes interfering with her Christmas program and the child who’s to play baby Jesus. She thought God’s hand was in it, but how can it be, when everything she hoped and prayed for is crashing down?

John Jergenson thought taking the maintenance job at his cousin’s church meant leaving his guilt-ridden past behind. But he hadn’t counted on Sharee and her program, hadn’t counted on her laugh or the warmth in her hazel eyes. And he certainly hadn’t counted on her wanting to know the truth about his past life. He’s thinking of leaving, but what if Sharee’s in danger? And if he runs again, will he ever forgive himself?

“Wow. What an awesome Christian romance/suspense. A story of loss, hope, forgiveness and a returning to God. This book has a lot to offer.”

“I loved this book! The characters were so deep.”

Author note: This book was a finalist in the American Christian Fiction Writers’ Genesis competition.


Social worker Sharee Jones has enough to think about–anonymous phone calls, an attack on her life, and uneasiness about her relationship with missionary pilot John Jergenson. The last thing she wants is a marriage proposal.

Commitment to God was easy in the jungles of Indonesia, but when John Jergenson returns home, Sharee refuses his marriage proposal, someone tries to kill them, and a personal tragedy hits. As Easter approaches, will love prevail and his faith survive?

“I love the way Linda Rodante shows the ups and downs of a walk of faith, of how difficult is is to forgive not only those who would harm us but forgive ourselves.”

“This story touched my heart in deep places! Not only does Linda create real characters you can relate to, but she weaves mystery and adventures and real-life struggles that a follower of Christ can relate to. No quick, easy fixes. No cliches and pat answers to the hard questions that are always a part of life. Reading this book is an instrument in God’s hand to encourage, convict, strengthen any one who reads with an open heart and leaves an open-invitation to all.”


Lynn Stapleton likes designer handbags and high-end clothing, so how did Sharee Jergenson talk her into visiting a homeless site, much less starting a friendship with one of its residents?

Then a hurricane hits Florida, and Lynn finds herself involved in the homeless woman’s
murder. Detective Rich Richards thinks Lynn’s connection with the woman is suspicious, but Lynn doesn’t care what the blue-eyed detective thinks. She’s not leaving this investigation until the murderer is found.

On the other hand, Richards finds Lynn not just a disruption to his case, but also to his life as a nominal Christian. He’d do better to stay away from the tall, willowy blonde, but he can’t—because she and Sharee have unearthed evidence that will convict someone of murder, and that person has marked both women for death.

Splashdown is an exciting Christian romantic suspense book. Good friends, marital issues, romance, and some really bad guys make for a great story in Linda Rodante’s hands. The book deals with human trafficking both in the US and abroad.”

“This book takes you on a journey of plot twists and turns and genuinely keeps you wondering “who dunnit?”. Ms Rodante tackles two of the biggest issues plaguing Pinelles county, homelessness and human trafficking, in a bold, educated manner that makes you want to do something to help them after reading.”


Alexis Jergenson, a former attorney, flees her painful past and unsettling law career to teach at a small Christian college. But she’s not the only one running. When she crashes into Professor Luke Stephens, sparks fly. Stephens is fleeing the effects of the Afghanistan War and a failed marriage, and the last thing he wants is another pretty woman in his life. Haunted by their pasts, they’re both seeking new lives. However, when one of their students is assaulted, they find themselves allies in a fight for her life.

“I work as a domestic/sexual violence victim’s advocate. The subject was well presented here without becoming depressing. Hope, forgiveness, and healing are appropriately displayed, along with salvation and true ‘new beginnings’. The romance is strong yet clean, with characters of integrity. The story is well written, well edited, and thoughtfully researched.”

“Ms. Rodante has addressed an extremely sensitive topic of rape and sexual abuse. Her characters fight their issues – their past – with realism, their angst surfacing in true-to-life moments. This story is not a Pollyanna view of the subject matter, but brings to life the very real threat of sexual crime. I applaud Ms. Rodante for her bold approach to the subject, and for characters who were real to me. The story drew me in, and I found myself rooting for each of them in their separate, and joint, battles.”


China Summers returns to her hometown and her church. Her “bad girl” reputation follows her, but no one knows what she’s been through since leaving home. Coast Guard search and rescue pilot, Jake Osbourne, has his own history, and China embodies all that he’s trying to forget. He’d rather not deal with her, but his pastor—and maybe God—keeps throwing the young woman into his path. When Jake and China find themselves involved in a murder investigation, their pasts could trip them up again. Can they stay alive long enough to understand the extent of their redemption in Christ?

“Honor Respect Devotion deals with pornography’s hidden effects and results on a person, as well as how the church responds to this issue. The book reads well as a stand-alone.”

“As intriguing as it sensitive and informative of rampant sex slavery and the social/personal issues related to it. A page turner!”


The man Cristina Torres has fallen in love with kisses her and then disappears for ten years. Now he’s back but with two detectives as shadows, and someone’s trying to kill her. Should she trust him or run for her life?

Dr. Chase Richards has fled his Christian roots long enough. He’s returning to his hometown in Tennessee to make amends—at what he thinks is God’s direction. But the way is not just hard, it’s almost impossible. The girl he once loved is now a woman—and she wants nothing to do with him. In addition, the opioid study he started and left in Virginia has followed him across state lines. The police have warned him that he’s in imminent danger. His well organized life is no longer safe or ordered—and neither is Cristina’s. Can he discover who’s trying to kill them before she becomes collateral damage?

“A well written romantic suspense keeps the reader turning the pages. I love the way Mrs. Rodante makes believable characters with struggles and sometimes character issues come alive on the page. This fast paced read is no exception. The current tragic headlines of over prescribed drugs is simmering on the back burner in this exciting book. I highly recommend this book.”

Just the right amount of Bible with everyday type people. I especially loved the section at the end. The author’s ‘behind the scenes”‘motivation of writing this book was interesting.”


Christian Romantic Suspense: For three years, Kati Walsh has hunkered down at a new place of worship to dab at church-inflicted wounds. Her one outreach is to her kickboxing friends at the gym, but she’s been praying for God to stir her heart again. But she’s not sure that the new assistant pastor and his friend Reece Jernigan are what she asked for—because Assistant Pastor Josh Corbin plans to win the hearts of the north-side neighborhood, mostly described as “the hood.”

When Josh plans a prayer walk in the neighborhood, both the congregation and the police are wary, but Josh insists that prayer works. He believes in spiritual warfare—prayer, praise, and the Word of God. Reece, on the other hand, has been on the streets before, and his weapon of choice is a 9mm Glock. Two close friends with differing perspectives and both with an eye on Kati. But they’re not the only ones—the gang leader from the north side has taken an unexpected interest in Kati, too.

“There is evil in the world and we need covering by God. He gives us spiritual weapons to fight the enemy. This book reminded me somewhat of This Present Darkness in that regard. This book had action, romance and great characters I really enjoyed it.”

“If seminaries worldwide read this book, well, the Enemy would run. Trust me, it is not a dry theological text, far from it. Three lives intersect at church. God, through the assistant pastor, challenges the congregation to be radical, fearless. Warriors. There is definitely love and suspense. But I would recommend pastors, Christian leaders, Christians, non-Christians to read courageously and love radically.”


Note: Due to the sensitive subject matter contained in these books, readers should check the book descriptions and reviews carefully to avoid any topic that might be particular triggers.