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San Angela is a rough place in 1870, and Magdalena Chapas knows all about it; from the men who shoot holes in each other while drinking in her saloon, the Del Norte, to the man who loved her, married her and left her without a word.

Now Ray Cortez is back, and Magdalena doesn’t know what her ex-husband wants.

Does it have anything to do with her father’s gravestone, which she leaned on the Del Norte’s back wall? The stone says, “Americo Chapas, 1823-1868, Asesinado, Dios Lo Vengara, Murdered, God Will Avenge Him.”


“Seldom have I come across a book that so unmistakably takes a reader into the heart and soul of many different types of people. It shows people as they are, not as caricatures, but as men and women with dreams, hopes, bitterness, fears, and love.”


“Nothing is sugar coated. Expect a well written, gritty portrayal of life on the frontier that moves toward a shocking climax.”

Author comment:  I developed interests in the Wild West and Civil War prisoner of war camps, in learning to trust and love again after being hurt, in the duality of human nature and in Fort Concho, a U.S. Cavalry fort located in San Angelo, Texas. I also started thinking about Chinese immigrants and how a woman never totally gets over a first love. All those ideas swirled around my head and one day the plot just came to me.