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Jackson Ferry (known as Jake), a young man born into a privileged New York family, loses them in a car accident.  Young and wealthy, he needs to justify his existence during The Great Depression.  Skilled in carpentry, he drives to the Gulf of Mexico, working on building projects all around the gulf with Chin, his peculiar friend and partner from Florida.  Together, they travel, helping poor folks along the way, repairing their homes and their own lives.

“The story captures life in the 1930s in a comfortable, believable manner, revealing little known details of the financial devastation and the reconstruction process in our nation during the Great Depression. Speaking from the voices of a variety of people about their faith and survival, the author did a wonderful job transporting me to an era so dear to my heart.”

Depression Carpenter is the novella form at its best. The story grabs you from the first paragraph. There are no wasted words yet there is a beautiful use of language; the language is sparse but each word carries weight. The main character is developed faultlessly.”