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The Dragons' chosen front cover

The dragons came from beyond the Crystal Mountains, demanding a virgin sacrifice…and Princess Genevieve learns she’s it when she’s handed a golden token–the mark of the chosen.

Genevieve accepts her fate. She must, in order to save her kingdom. But the journey to her final destiny is complicated by the arrival of Chris, a 1970s Berkeley co-ed.

To Chris, the whole scenario reeks of deception. Where she comes from, corsets are for burning and virgins are hard to find. She’s sure the dragons are out for more than innocent blood, but the only way to find out what they really want is to accompany Genevieve on her journey. Not what she had planned for her sophomore year of college.

Genevieve is duty-bound–unless Chris is right. Then her sacrifice would mean nothing. Other than woe to those who duped her…

“This book shattered all my previous notions of dragons. As a former English teacher, I could have used a book like this as a class study and used it to plumb the depths of what makes us human.”

“Dandridge’s sharp observation and keen wit, combined with the sheer likability of her characters, place this book, for me, in the same class as Mary Brown’s wonderful Dragon’s Eg series. It exemplifies the way in which plot development in a good novel hinges on the personal characteristics of the players.”

Author note: I often wondered what would happen if a fairy godmother wasn’t a cheery old grandmother type of person but someone with their own set of values and beliefs. I hope this story helps to encourage people to explore their own preconceived ideas and thoughts. Perhaps to reevaluate or perhaps merely to confirm what they believe.