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faith as substanceJames Little was adopted as a child by a couple who found him abandoned at their church one night. His mother helps raise him in the Lord and helps him create a strong relationship with Christ. She sees her son struggle early on with issues like people not understanding why his parents are a different race than him, James wanting to enjoy life on his terms, and James struggling to find his own walk with Christ. Eventually, James has a breakthrough. His faith is at an all-time high. However, when everything starts to go wrong, will he continue to keep the faith and his belief that Christ can do anything?

“This very moving story about how a young man’s faith carried him through the trials in his life, with a major twist at the end, touched every emotion in this reader’s heart.”

Author comment: The book is Christian in content, but I feel the values I try to convey in the book can appeal to anyone of any faith.  Too often people believe in something when it suits them.  However, can you find a way to hold on to what you believe in when it appears not to benefit you at that particular moment?