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the_alabaster-web_sizePrince Taldirun wants no less than all of the glory and honor that is due him as a commander for his father’s royal army, but an attempt on his life and a plot to destroy all he holds dear sends him on a secret journey to uncover the truth.

When he returns, his father’s enemies have taken control of the kingdom and Tal must use all of his skill, wits, and courage to save his father’s throne from falling into the hands of the foul and evil traitors.

Breath-taking adventures and heart-wrenching betrayals drive the young prince to a final confrontation he never wanted. He must either win the Alabaster Throne or perish.

“The Alabaster Throne by Wilson Harp is an intriguing tale of a time in the world we know little of; he has taken us on a journey back to when the world still knew Atlantis and has given us a taste of what might have been.”

“The battle scenes involving the chariots, the spearmen and the bowmen are extremely well written. As a reader, I felt as though I were close enough to hear the ‘snorts’ of the horses and the moans and groans of the fallen on the battlefields. Prince Tal’s dreams were also full of wisdom and advice which thankfully he followed. The dreams brought Tal a clearer understanding of truth, dishonesty, greed, and mercy. To paraphrase a part of one dream concerning being merciful… be merciful when you can and resolute when you must.”

Author note: The story of Atlantis is fascinating and for good reason. When Solon was told about an ancient empire that flourished and had conquered most of the known world, he was astonished, for he, one of the most educated men of his day, had never heard of such a thing. The detail and descriptions that he was given, and the historical writings he was able to read, convinced him that the Egyptian priests were telling him the true story of a whole continent of ten powerful kingdoms that was immensely powerful and then fell in a horrible catastrophe that destroyed much of the rest of the world as well. When you read what Plato recorded of this lost, legendary kingdom, is it any wonder that people for thousands of years have been inspired and enthralled with this mythic place?