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descendedVie had no idea when she descended into the small town of Newcastle, Wyoming that she’d find herself mesmerized by the mysterious and alluring eyes of one Carter Stone.  And Carter believed he knew everyone that lived in his rural town until the day he locked eyes with Vivian Thorne.  He couldn’t help but wonder what was different about this girl he had know all of his life.  He was right, Vie was the beautiful young Guardian that had been sent to their world looking for Carter and she did so merged in the vessel of the Thorne girl.  

Their meeting sparks a passionate romance and soon they embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of a past that they begin to realize they both shared.  Their forbidden connection  unleashes a war…

“It is an impossible to put down, action packed, romantic, suspenseful read that is captivating.  Miller manages to always maintain the element of the unknown that allows for many surprises and constantly keeps the reader guessing.”
“Vie and Carter are both intriguing, charismatic characters that will make you feel like you are right there with them on their journey.”

Vie is feeling completely alone in The Gates, just barely going through the motions. Gabriel, her closest friend, tries to distract her with the news of a possible traitor in their own backyard. While Vie longs to be back on Earth with her love, she knows the danger that this traitor could bring, and sets her mind to drawing them out to protect the people she loves.

Carter is left alone on Earth clinging to the empty vessel that used to contain his love, unable to let go and move on. Carter starts putting the events of the past few weeks together and realizes something more is going on.

“I read this immediately after finishing the first book. I loved the way all the events were unfolding in the story. It was very well written and you won’t want to put it down. I even cried!”

“I found this book to be as captivating, if not more, than the first book. The pieces of the puzzle come together in this second installment along with plenty of twists that keep you wondering what lies ahead for this couple.”

Author note:  Descended was created with one of my all-time favorite movies in mind…Disney’s Tangled.  At its core, Descended is a tale very similar, with Violet featured as a modern day Rapunzel and Carter as Flynn Rider.  What is lovely about the character Violet is that she maintains her inherited innocence and sweetness, and yet represents the independent spirit and ingenuity of a modern heroine.  It is a story of self-discovery, flight from the nest, and coming of age.  It’s also a novel that speaks to anyone who has faced, or is facing, the trials and tribulations of growing up.