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Alaina must fight to free the Kingdom of Falyncia from a demon who has taken control. The demon, however, will stop at nothing to destroy her. When he threatens all she holds dear, Alaina risks everything to save those she loves. Will it be enough? Or will the demon triumph over all?

“If you’re looking for fantasy, sword fights, kingdoms to conquer, a strong heroine, and characters to cheer for, this is your book.”

“Battle For the Throne is my favorite kind of book. The characters are lifelike and real, the plot line draws you in and holds you, and the descriptions add vivid color to the action of the plot.” 

Author note: While Battle for the Throne does not contain any foul language or explicit sex scenes, it does have violence. There are instances of torture as well, and people do die. I tried not to be too graphic in my descriptions, but it might not be suitable for younger teens or those who are particularly sensitive.