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Three Steaks and a Box of Chocolates

A. R. Silverberry
Stuck in a desolate town and down on his luck, Doc Turner takes on a mysterious case in order to help a friend. He soon gets more than he bargained for in this hilarious tall tale that will leave children smiling and adults in stitches.



Lea Doué
When Ryll loses her necklace down a well, a tiny dragon fishes it up for her. All he asks in return is to eat from her plate and sleep on her pillow. Is there more to this little creature than meets the eye?


The Golden City Captives

Julie C. Gilbert
Keio has always wanted to visit the Golden City, but not like this. He and his friend, Clara, are swept up with the other youths in their village because the local lord seeks something special, something they both possess.



Intisar Khanani
Maggie has always loved playing hide-and-seek with her Ma, searching together for hidden things. But when Maggie finally finds what her mother has been looking for, their lives will be irrevocably changed.


Mystery of Asgina Lake

Caren Rich
Small town, big trouble. Something is killing local fisherman. Faced with another boring summer, the sheriff’s twin daughters, Ella and Lena, set out to solve the mystery of Asgina Lake.


Skin Deep

Morgan Smith
The prince is getting married.
So, why are the villagers terrified?
One brave young lady enters a battle of wills that will require both luck and wit to survive.


The Last Chronicle of Pete Mersill

Cave Yates
A last missive from the man who inadvertently caused the end of the world.
(Note: contains some violent scenes unsuitable for young readers.)


Priscilla, The Magnificent, Flying Giant Squid

L. Palmer
Can giant squids fly? Nadia DeLayne has one chance to preserve her partner’s legacy. She has a plan: build dirigible, avoid accidents, and convince the sentient kraken to fly.
No problem.


An Adventurer’s Heart

Nicole Zoltack
A monster killed her parents….
Melinda has one goal: avenge her parents, but to do that, she needs a magical sword. To her delight, she finds a blacksmith willing to imbue a sword with gems. But there’s a catch. First, she needs to steal the jewels … from a dragon.


Destiny’s Flight

Frank B. Luke
After witnessing rescuing a warrior and her griffin, a knight and a miracleman set out with her on a quest to deliver a secret message.


The Kappa

Lelia Rose Foreman
Hanako is a smart little girl, but not very good at listening. When she disregards her mother’s warning not to play by the river, will she end up a meal for the menacing Kappa?



Arthur Daigle
A good king dies. The whole town mourns. The heirs fight for the throne. But who will celebrate the life that was?


The Nether Lands

Cave Yates
Ancient and powerful weapon—check.
Knowledge, power, and will to hunt down a dangerous demon—done.
Hot helper with a demon’s heart—wait, what?
A professional demon hunter just got more than he bargained for.
(Note: contains some violent scenes unsuitable for young readers.)


Talori and the Shark

Jessica L. Elliott
Talori’s father loses everything in a shady business deal, including her and her sister. What is a plain mermaid to do?


Reviving the Sword

Kandi J. Wyatt
A centaur named Alastriona inherited Kingdom Defender from her father upon his untimely death, but has yet to unlock its fabled powers. Perhaps the elf she meets can awaken the sword.


Mothers’ Night Out

D. G. Driver
A girl agrees to cover a mysterious midnight shift so her friend can attend a concert. The hardest part will be staying awake, right? But everything changes when the babies all wake up at midnight. And they’re hungry.
(Note: contains violence unsuitable for young readers)


The Mage and the Spotted Wyvern

Craig J. Price, Jr.
A young apprentice mage must form an unlikely alliance to rescue his kidnapped master.


The Very Last Dragon

Katy Huth Jones
Brave Sir Manly sets out on a mission to rid the world of all dragons, but can’t seem to find any. When a beautiful peasant maid tells him of a sheep-stealing monster, he goes in pursuit.


The Adventures of Zero: The Quest for Wormsroot

Vincent Trigili
Zero has always been last in everything, but now he has a chance to earn an apprenticeship by collecting wormsroot under the full moon. Easy, save for the legends of werejaguars….


Ishka’s Garden

Bokerah Brumley
Still mourning her brother’s death, Princess Ishka must snap out of her stupor if she wants to save her kidnapped Hum-Fairy friend.


Absolutely True Facts about the Pacific Tree Octopus

H. L. Burke
A young girl is taken in by an internet hoax about tree octopuses then sets out to prove that she’s not so gullible after all.

Author (group) note: The Fellowship of Fantasy was put together by a group of Fantasy authors who wanted to find a creative way to reach genre-specific readers. I can’t remember which of our members first floated the idea of doing a short story anthology, but it gained popularity as a concept within the group some time last spring. We started running with it, and the pieces slowly snapped into place. We chose the theme of Fantastic Creatures partially because we knew our release would coincide with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and we wanted to take advantage of that audience.