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When age rules the country, it’s hard being young.
Trey runs away from the youth reserve sure he’s no more than spare parts for a father he barely remembers. The Council of Elders has its own questions about him. When Trey finds the Underground and joins the fight to give rights back to the Youngers, he starts a chain of events beyond anyone’s control.

“Sci-fi is often at its best when it does take social issues unfolding today, and puts a little distance of time on the matter, setting it in the future so perhaps we can tackle our real world problems going on today better with the aid of the psychological buffer of time and space. And in that spirit, this book lives up to the task marvelously.”

“I was fascinated reading this novel and comparing the underlying principles of Trey’s country with the realities of this world we live in. You can’t afford to skip this one. It will make you take a fresh look at what will and won’t work for the democracy we live in today.”


Author note: As part of an online contest, I had to collaborate with other artists to create a story with an illustration/photo/manipulated photo. My short story contribution became the scene at the underpass where Trey meets Red for the first time.