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Unaware of her immortal heritage, the truth concealed from her, Ahnalyn learns she’s a child of two worlds—a half-emrys with the ability to wield the light and the dark power. Aneirin, a Son of Light, has his own reasons for leaving the immortal dragon realm. Defying the High Council, he risks exile—risks being tainted by the corrupt mortal world Ahnalyn is a part of.

As Aneirin’s life becomes entwined with Ahnalyn’s future, he is certain of one thing: Ahnalyn belongs with the immortal emrys. But doubt and fear shroud Ahnalyn as the painful truths of her past unfold. Succumbing to the darkness lurking inside her is the easy, simple path. But under the dark power, Ahnalyn would be forbidden to enter the immortal realm and would be lost to all those she loves—forever.

“Love this story! The symbolism, characters who experience the full range of emotions and life experiences, choices of right and wrong, romance and adventure, and of course, dragons!!!”

“The world is beautifully crafted. The characters have layers of depth. Emotions are well conveyed. It is clear Ms. Rector has carefully studied her craft to bring forth a highly polished, can’t wait-to-read-this-cover-to-cover-in-one-sitting book.”

As Einion’s coronation approaches, the doubts about his worthiness overshadow him. He is a half-emrys, a child with both light and dark energy inside.  As the despairs over his heart increase his uncertainty, Einion is thrust on a path where he must face his worst fears to save the one he truly loves.

Rhianu is a ruthless Dark Emrys and ruler of Morvith, a land she has subdued and conquered by the grace of her evil master. When a mission goes horribly awry, Rhianu stumbles into Einion’s life only to be challenged by her versions of good and evil. Her heart is torn between power and love, between the past and the future. Betrayal is something Rhianu is familiar with, and knowing its repercussions, she must follow through with her master’s plan no matter what the consequences or what her heart tells her.

“Entertaining AND thought-provoking–a real treasure in a world of ‘fluff’ novels.”

“High emotions with playful comic relief from the dragons. Have already read the story twice!”


Author note: I would rate The Two Masters, book 2 in my series, for ages 14+. Contains half a page of mild torture and an off page sexual encounter.