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“Honey? I think you have a twin.”

Amber Brickman used to dream of unearthing ancient civilizations with her soulmate. But now she’s the Assistant Fire Marshal, sifting through burn sites while the walls are still warm, looking for evidence of arson. It’s the life she’s pieced together after her fiancĂ© was murdered just weeks before their wedding. Ashes are easier to sort out than broken hearts, and paperwork doesn’t leave you lonely.

She’s not asking for more, but she’s about to get it when her mother sees a woman on the news who looks and sounds just like her. Her mother is convinced she’s found Amber’s twin, stolen at birth.

Amber wants nothing to do with this insanity, but the more she resists, the more her mother delves into the past, desperate for the truth no matter what the cost. The only way to find it may be to open up and risk everything — her job, her heart — but digging up her past will be trickier than any burnt-out building.


“The author takes this material beyond the mere dramatic by touching on all those involved — both families, both young women, the broader circles connected with them — and she does it in a way that makes the reader care about all of them. The suspense holds to the very end.”


“The characterization was excellent, especially of the two mothers, and I loved the way the girls slowly connected with each other, overcoming their resistance and finally valuing each other as a twin sister. The author weaves in humor amidst the sorrow and grief and makes the community one I’d love to be a part of.”